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What Does “TL” Mean Twitter?

What Does “Tl” Mean Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter for more than a day, there’s a high chance you’ve seen the abbreviation “TL” used.

Of course, this comes with a myriad of other Twitter abbreviations that can’t be found almost anywhere else.

But once you become familiar with these abbreviations, there’s no going back, and we’ll start with the meaning and context of “TL” on Twitter.

Quick Answer

Whenever you encounter “Tl” used in a tweet, the person refers to “Timeline.” A Twitter timeline is a stream of tweets from a user’s list of people they’re following, viral tweets, and tweets engaged with by the person’s mutual. In addition, a “timeline” or “TL” will include tweets from topics the person follow and the trending topics on Twitter.

This article will detail everything you should know about the meaning of TL and other top Twitter abbreviations you should know.

What Your Twitter Timeline (TL) Is?

Opening an account for the first time will give you a list of topics tagged as “interests” that you may follow.

Although you may decide to skip this step, Twitter will suggest a list of accounts you can follow, at least to get tweets from an account you deem familiar.

Whether you follow suggested accounts and topics or not, these tweets will be on your homepage or feed. A stream of these tweets as they appear on your feed is known as a “timeline” or “Tl.”

The word “timeline” means a chronological order of things according to the time created. Hence, you should be getting tweets from new to old as you scroll down.

However, a setting is attached to your homepage, allowing you to see Tweets as they drop to the oldest or keep them randomly.

Your TL can be a stream of tweets across various topics, depending on the kind of accounts and interests you follow.

For example, you could have tweeted about football, music, celebrities, politics, and other fields.

In addition, a viral tweet can appear on your timeline as long as the people you follow also interact with that tweet.

How Do People Use “TL” on Twitter?

In case you were wondering how people use “TL” in their tweets, it’s quite simple.

As long as you are referring to your Twitter feed or someone else’s, you’re already on the right track to using it anytime.


  • I just saw this tweet on my Tl  about the beef between Nicki and Cardi, and omg, I’m in stitches!”
  • “My TL is a mess! I think I need to log off for a while.”
  • “I just saw my friend’s TL, and it’s chaotic after one subtweet lmao.”

Top Abbreviations To Know on Twitter

You’ll find several abbreviations on Twitter used regularly in tweets by the millions of users atop the platform.

They’re essential to know if you mean not to be lost in conversations most of the time.

They include the following:

  • RT: This means Retweet. It’s a function that lets you repost a tweet by another user.
  • LRT: Last retweet.
  • DM: This stands for direct messages.
  • CC: This stands for carbon copy, and it works pretty much how it does for an email.
  • Yt: White
  • SEO: This stands for social engine optimization.
  • Ab/Abt: About
  • Btw: This stands for “by the way” or “between.”
  • Oomf: This is an abbreviation for “one of my followers.”
  • ICYMI: An abbreviation for “in case you missed it.”
  • L8r: Later.
  • Fml: For my life/f**k my life.
  • DP: This stands for your display picture or profile picture.
  • Fyi: An abbreviation for “for your information.”
  • Mua: This one stands for “make-up artist.”
  • Dyk: This abbreviation stands for “Do Your Know.”
  • Ffs: For f**k’s sake.
  • Gtfo: An abbreviation for “Get the f**k out.”
  • Gtfoh: An abbreviation for “Get the f**k outta here.”
  • Idk: An abbreviation for “I don’t know.”
  • Irl: This stands for “In real life.”
  • Jsyk: An abbreviation for “just so you know.”
  • Lmk: This stands for “let me know.”
  • Jkjk: Just kidding, just kidding.
  • Kk: Okay.
  • Lmao: This one is quite popular. It stands for “laugh my ass out.”
  • Lmfao: An abbreviation for “Laugh my f**king ass out.”
  • Nsfw: An abbreviation for “Not safe for work.” Generally, it refers to something explicit on Twitter.
  • Lol: The world-famous “Laugh Out Loud.”
  • Idg: An abbreviation for “I don’t get.”
  • Idgaf: An abbreviation for “I don’t give a fuck.”
  • Re: Reply or in reply to.
  • IIRC: If I remember correctly.
  • TLDR: Too long, didn’t read. This is used for long tweet threads on the app.


With this, you’re all caught up with the meaning of TL and other top abbreviations on Twitter.

You can now partake in tweets and conversations with these abbreviations without feeling lost!

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