What Words Are Banned on Twitch?

What Words Are Banned On Twitch

Nothing is more frustrating than getting banned on your favorite platform over silly things where you have done so much hard work for recognition.

It is infuriating when people start to know you, and somehow, you get yourself into hot waters by uttering silly words in anger or by mistake.

Twitch is a streaming platform that is famous among gamers. It allows viewers to watch their favorite gamers playing their favorite games while interacting with them. Being invested in the game, one can sway.

Gamers are bound to make mistakes under such anxiety and say words that do not fit the Twitch Community guidelines. So, what words are banned by Twitch that can end you in hot waters?

Quick Answer

Twitch has not explicitly mentioned the words that are banned on the platform. We can refer to the Twitch Community Guidelines regarding what acts or behaviors are discouraged. Generally, Twitch does not condone any language that incites hatred, discrimination, violence, threat, aggression, bullying, derogatory, insulting, or causing distress. It is also known that Twitch bans words like simp, virgin, and incel.

Let’s explore what kind of language is considered offensive on Twitch and how you can moderate your channel and prevent people from hurling hurtful words.

Why Twitch Bans Some Words?

Twitch is one of the most popular platforms, with over 150 million monthly active users. Every community must have rules and regulations that govern that community. These rules ensure peace and tranquility prevail (if not that, at least no hatred).

If you are someone of influence in online social communities, your words possess more weight than someone with no influence. Online trolling and hate speech all add up to grave situations that can have negative implications for the well-being of people.

So, like any responsible community, Twitch also bans certain words or terms in its platform that it fears can incite aggression and hatred or cause distress to people. Additionally, if Twitch does not act against such an offense, it can cause indents on its reputation.

Many streamers, even some bigger names, have been banned from the platform multiple times. Some bans can last a few days or weeks, while others can lead to serious punishments, including a permanent ban.

Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines specifically state some demeanors that are not encouraged on the platform. Therefore, the words spoken in such regard are also not encouraged.


Twitch does not explicitly state the words it does not allow users to use on the platform. Still, its Community Guidelines and Terms of Service guide how to conduct yourself to allow positivity and inclusivity to be fostered on the platform.

Banned Words on Twitch

Words that fall under these categories are not encouraged on Twitch and can lead you to difficult situations. First, Twitch does not allow hate speech or anything that incites anger.

Twitch does not encourage behavior that can lead to hatred or discrimination based on gender, color, identity, disability, religion, race, sexual orientation, or other reasons. Twitch discourages discrimination, and any words or behavior that can incite hatred or discrimination can lead to punishments.

For example, discriminating or passing derogatory words related to someone’s religion or religious figures. Uttering slurs to insult someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Similarly, ethnic slurs also can get you into trouble.

Additionally, Twitch does not allow any behavior or use of language that falls under harassment or are violent threats (like kill or die), derogatory (like body shaming, ageist, or trolling someone due to their mental or physical disabilities), or slur insults to others. Doxxing is another malicious act strictly prohibited in Twitch’s Community Guidelines.

Additionally, Twitch does not condone bullying, sexually suggestive or explicit content, or anything breaking the law, including playing copyrighted music. So, any words uttered under this category will be blocked.

Did You Know?

Twitch has banned the words like “virgin, simp, and incel” on its platform.

Your Responsibility as a Streamer on Twitch

Streamers on Twitch should make sure positivity prevails in their community. Streamers can also play a moderation role and automatically filter words that are hurtful, violent, and incite anger.

You can censor words in your channel, and Twitch AutoMod will automatically delete, block, or mute such content/users. You can create a blacklist containing words you do not want people to speak on your channel. To do that:

  1. Log in to Twitch and navigate to the “Creator Dashboard.”
  2. Select “Settings” from the panel on the left, then “Moderation.”
  3. Click on “Blocked terms and phrases.”
  4. Enter the words you want to block in the space provided.

You can also use bots like Nightbot to do this moderation activity on your channel.

Round Up

Like any community, Twitch discourages acts and language spoken that incite anger, aggression, harassment, discrimination, sexual in nature or explicit, violent, or cause any form of negativity or outlaws.

So, always use positive language that does not cause distress, anger, or hurt the sentiments of any individual.

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