How To Get Movie Clips for YouTube Videos

How To Get Movie Clips For Youtube Videos

When creating YouTube content, you may wish to add movie clips. It could be you are giving a movie preview or other content that requires you to include a movie clip.

When you want to use movie clips, you must know where to source them and how best to use the movie clips without running into copyright issues. We will explain everything regarding getting movie clips for YouTube videos.

Quick Answer

The first place you can source movie clips is YouTube itself. You can search for movie trailers or specific sections and see if you can find the target movie clip. Alternatively, you can screen capture a particular movie section or find the movie itself and crop the movie to extract a particular clip. When using the movie clip, ensure you give credit, add commentary, keep it short, etc., to avoid copyright issues.

This post guides you on getting and using movie clips for YouTube videos. We will understand whether it’s allowed to use movie clips for YouTube content and how best to use the clasp to avoid violating copyrights.

Can You Use Movie Clips for YouTube Videos?

Creating content is the next main agenda when you create a YouTube channel. Your content must align with YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines. One of the terms of service involves ensuring your content doesn’t violate the copyrights of other creators.

Movie clips are not your content. However, it’s possible to use movie clips for YouTube videos. The only catch is when using the video, you must ensure you don’t upload long movie clips. Again, you must follow various tips to ensure you bypass copyrights.

Some of the tips to follow include the following.

  • Keep it short – YouTube has an automated way of flagging a video that violates copyright rules. Ensure you don’t upload a long clip when you want to use a video, as that would raise the alarm. The best idea is to keep the movie clip around 5 seconds long.
  • Give credit – when using someone’s movie clip, it’s best to credit the source to acknowledge your respect for their copyright. You can give a link to the original movie clip and add a disclaimer that you are not the clip’s owner.
  • Add commentary – you should add commentary to the movie clip to modify the video. The commentary will play in the background to replace the original sound or audio of the particular movie clip. The commentary is handy when the content you are creating is a movie preview or analysis.

With these tips, you are guaranteed that your video won’t have a case of copyright issues even after uploading it.

How To Get Movie Clips for YouTube Videos

We’ve discussed the different strategies to follow when you want to get movie clips for YouTube videos. Next is understanding where to get the movie clips you want to use. There are different ways you can get movie clips. Let’s discuss the common options you can use.

Via a YouTube Search

Via A Youtube Search

There are numerous YouTube videos that you can search and find on YouTube. So, do a quick search for the movie clip you are targeting to use for your video. From the search results, find the ideal clip and download it via a YouTube downloader site.

Once you download the video, use an editing tool to crop it and get a short clip from the downloaded video. You can then use the cropped version to create your YouTube video content.

Via Screen Capture

Via Screen Capture

With this option, you can screen record a movie when watching it. However, some sites like Netflix won’t let you screen-record the movie. You can bypass this by finding a way to download the movie or find a platform where you can screen capture the HD version of the movie.

Once you record the HD video clip, edit it, and then use it for your YouTube content.

Via Various Websites

Via Various Websites

Open your browser and search for the movie clip you intend to use here. Some websites have the movie clip available for purchase or download. If you get the target movie clip, go ahead and download it on your device and edit it.

You can use the movie clip provided you follow the strategies we presented earlier to avoid copyright claims.


We’ve detailed the various locations you can use to get movie clips for YouTube videos. Still, we’ve explained how best to use the movie clips to avoid copyright claims. Have fun!

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