How To Make Money on YouTube

How To Make Money On Youtube

When you create a YouTube account, one of your goals could be to make money. While creating content is great and fun, you must also know how to earn income.

YouTube allows creators to monetize their channels, and depending on their strategies, they will earn income. We will present various strategies if you want to make money on YouTube.

Quick Answer

To make money on YouTube, your channel must be accepted into the YouTube partner program for you to link it with an AdSense account. As a matter of fact, you can make money in different ways. The common ones include ad revenue, channel memberships, super chats, and super stickers, selling merch on your channel, affiliate marketing programs, crowdfunding projects, working with brands to be their influencer, licensing your media content, etc.

This post answers your question and guides you into understanding what it takes to make money on YouTube. We will present different options you can use and how best to implement them to make money via your YouTube channel.

Can You Make Money on YouTube?

Anyone is free to create a YouTube channel. The struggle comes in growing the channel. YouTube gives various options that creators can use to make money on the platform. You can utilize the different ways, but only if your channel adheres to the YouTube channel monetization policies.

After you attain a threshold to join its Partner Program, YouTube allows you to monetize your account. Your channel must have over 4000 watch hours in the last year and must attain over 1000 subscribers.

Once accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you will start displaying ads on your channel, depending on your niche. We will present the different options you can use to make money.

How To Make Money on YouTube

Are you ready to start making money on YouTube? How you make money on YouTube depends on your effort, niche, and the strategies you employ to stand out from other creators.

YouTube is a competitive platform, but you can still make money. Here are the different ways to make money on YouTube.

Ads Revenue

Once your channel gets accepted to join the YouTube Partner Program, monetization starts. Hence, YouTube will display different ads on your channel. The ads are based on your niche.

From the different ads displayed on your channel, you will earn a portion of the money the ad creator budgets to spend on their ad campaign. Some niche attracts higher ad revenues.

So, you must ensure you research the most lucrative niches. Moreover, your content must be authoritative and optimized to get more views to increase your earnings.

Channel Membership

You can create a channel membership for a fee. That way, your subscribers can join the premium membership, and you will earn from the recurring membership fee. While at it, ensure you give subscribers a worthy reason to join the membership.

For instance, you can create premium features, like members-only content and interaction. You can also reward loyal members. That way, you will promote the membership and attract more people.

Super Chat and Stickers

When you go live on YouTube, you can give your fans room to tip you in a fun way. For instance, the super chat feature lets fans pay to have their messages pinned in the chat streams. The idea is to let the fans cheer you by using the super chat and stickers.

YouTube will pay you based on how many bits your fans cheer you with. When you utilize these features creatively, you will end up accumulating income.

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting a given product or service can earn a commission as an affiliate marketer. Find an affiliate marketing program and start endorsing it on your channel.

Become a Brand Influencer

Search for brands that align with your niche and work with them to become their influencer. Brands invest in influencer marketing to push their brand and products. Thus, you can earn from this opportunity.


You can share the idea or trailer with your viewers when you have a creative project. You can then have them crowdfund it to get the required equipment to make the creative project successful.

License Your Content

Sometimes, you may create video content that attracts viewers. You can license it such that whenever someone wants to use it, such as TV news outlets, they will pay you to use the licensed content.

Sell Merch

With this option, you can allow people to browse your products from your store. You can create YouTube videos aimed at driving sales.

Moreover, you can go live and have your viewers browse your merch and buy. You will earn money from it.


There are numerous ways of making money on YouTube. We’ve presented the common ones you can use. With that, you should make tangible money via YouTube depending on your viewers, niche, and effort. Try them out!

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