What Language Is Telegram Written In?

What Language Is Telegram Written In

Telegram is an instant messaging application you can use to communicate with your friends.

As a Telegram user, you may not understand the dynamics of how Telegram is programmed for its mobile and desktop versions.

However, if you are a developer or a curious user, you may wonder what language Telegram is written in.

The good news is that Telegram’s codes are published as open source on GitHub, and you can check the languages used.

Quick Answer

The official Telegram desktop client is mainly written in C++. The Telegram iOS application combines Swift, C, and Objective-C languages. The Android application combines Java, C++, and C.

The Telegram database library used by desktop clients is written mainly in C++. The macOS Telegram application combines Swift, C, and Objective-C. The Telegram web app is written in NodeJS and AngularJS.

We will understand Telegram and how it works. Further, we will discuss the different languages used to write Telegram for all its platforms, from mobile to desktop to web applications.

Understanding Telegram and How It Works

Telegram is designed as a messaging application similar to the likes of WhatsApp. However, Telegram is a cloud-based messenger that offers seamless sync across different devices.

You can find your contacts on Telegram if you’ve synced them.

Still, you can use the search feature to find new contacts on Telegram or connect with people by joining different Telegram groups.

As a content creator, you can use Telegram channels to broadcast your content to your subscribers.

The uniqueness of Telegram comes in its seamless sync.

You can access your chats in real-time on both devices when connected to Telegram on mobile and desktop.

That way, you can share data, files, or chats in real time. This seamless sync is made possible thanks to Telegram being a cloud-based application.

Moreover, Telegram offers end-to-end encryption to make it a secure communication channel. Besides, you can utilize its proxy servers option to add an extra security layer for your communication.

All these features and functionalities are made possible due to the different languages used to write Telegram.

What Language Is Telegram Written In?

Telegram is an open-source application, and all its codes for the technical slack used to write it can be found on its page.

When you visit the page, you will find a listing of the platform used by Telegram and the links to their GitHub pages, such that clicking on any link will open the respective page containing details about the Telegram platform.

Let’s have a breakdown of the languages used.

The Windows Telegram desktop application is coded using C++ as the primary language.

In contrast, the macOS Telegram application combines Objective-C, C, and Swift.

The Android application is written using Java, C, and C++ as the primary languages.

However, the iOS Telegram app is written in Objective-C, C, and Swift.

The Telegram web version combines NodeJS and AngularJS as the frontend and backend frameworks.

Lastly, the Telegram database library that the desktop clients use is written mainly in C++.

Those are the languages used by Telegram. Note that you will find other languages used alongside the main ones, but their percentage is minor.

The GitHub pages for each platform will offer a complete breakdown of all languages and their percentages.


Telegram is a cloud-based application that runs on different platforms.

Different languages are used to write Telegram, and this post has explained the languages used for each Telegram platform.

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