What Is the Character Limit on Discord?

What Is The Character Limit On Discord

Ever wondered if Discord has a character limit?

Do Nitro subscribers have a different character limit compared to free Discord users?

Well, let’s find out.

Quick Answer

Generally, Discord’s character limit is about 2000 characters for a message. The 2000 character applies to both Nitro classic subscribers and free users. But the limit may expand if a user upgrades their Nitro package. Discord also has a set of character limits for embedded responses. Users can use up to 6000 characters in an embed. 

There is more to the character limit on Discord. Today’s article will cover Discord’s character limits and the consequences of exceeding the character limit. 

Discord Character Limit 

Discord enforces different character limits on the platform. Let’s look at these limits. 

Username Character Limit 

Stick to 2 to 32 characters on your Discord username if setting up a Discord account or changing your username.

It applies to both Nitro and free users. Exceeding the character may cause usability problems. Besides, 32 characters for a username is already long. 

Rethink your username if your username exceeds 32 characters. A nickname that uses 32 characters will also look great on Discord. 

Message Character Limit 

Free Discord users can type up to 2000 characters per message. Discord will cut the excess characters if you input more than 2000 characters into the message box.

You’ll have to split your message if you intend to use more than 2000 characters.

The 2000-character limit is more than enough to describe something on Discord. The character translates to between 230 to 500 words. 

Nitro classic users also have a 2000-character limit when drafting their messages. Nitro subscribers can exceed the 2000-character limit.

They can use up to 4000 characters in their texts. You must pay more for more character allowance as you send texts on Discord. 

Discord Webhook Character Limit 

Discord has an inbuilt webhook that may help you write codes or automate messages on a Discord server. The feature only works for server chat. But you’ll need to set up a webhook to use it on Discord. 

Here is how to create a webhook for your server; it’s advisable to do it on Discord web or desktop:

  1. Open Discord on your PC. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Pick a server from the left navigation. Navigate To The Server Discord
  3. Click on the downward caret beside the server’s name at the top. Click On The Downward Caret Or Down Arrow
  4. Select “Server Settings” from the menu.Select Server Settings From The Menu.
  5. Go to “Integrations.” Go To Integrations.
  6. Click the “Create Webhook” button. Click The Create Webhook Button.

As you create the webhook, pay attention to the following character limits. 

The webhook’s name cannot exceed 1 to 80 characters. Discord limits the message content on the webhook to 2000 characters. You can create up to ten embeds whose sum characters don’t exceed the 6000-character limit. 

Discord Embed Character Limit

You might have seen messages with colored borders, unique characters, and embedded images. The unique texts are Discord embeds. 

Discord embeds also have a character limit. You can exceed 256 characters for the embed title. 

Your embed description should equal to or less than 4096 characters. Discord allows users to create up to 25 embed fields. Users can only input 256 characters on the field name. The values on the field can’t surpass 1024 characters. 

Discord limits the footer text on the embed to 2048 characters. One should stick to 256 characters when creating an author name on a Discord embed. 

All the characters on an embed should sum up to 6000 characters. Users are allowed to send up to ten embeds per message. 

Discord Status Character Limit

Users can create custom statuses on Discord. The custom status allows users to create messages for other Discord users to see.

But one will have to use 128 characters for the custom status. 

Wrapping Up

The character limit on Discord is there to improve user experience.

Longer usernames or nicknames often make interaction on Discord hard.

It also makes messages or embeds readable on Discord.

So, always stick to the character limits as you draft your texts, create a code, create a custom status, or set up your username. 


Can I exceed the embed limit on Discord?

Yes, you can. But you’ll need to split or make a pagination embed. There are tools online like disputils that let you divide your embeds. Disputils provide customizable features to help make codes readable on Discord.

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