What Is the Best Color To Wear on Zoom?

What Is The Best Color To Wear On Zoom

Zoom has become the ideal platform for hosting video conferences. The platform’s easy-to-use interface made it a leader in the cloud-based conference industry.

In addition, the video feature on Zoom allows you to share live footage of your surroundings during a meeting. So what are the best colors to wear on Zoom?

Quick Answer

Black, Grey, Blue, or Brown are great colors that help you to stand out without causing a distraction to your audience. These colors are professional and portray you in the best light.

This article outlines the best color choices for a Zoom meeting. It further describes factors to avoid before making these choices and colors.

Meetings on Zoom

Virtual meetings and conferences have become popular for all forms of activities. Organizations have adopted Zoom to host interviews and board discussions with stakeholders and keynote speakers.

If you are joining a Zoom meeting where you are required to share your video, you should consider the color choice of your outfit.

Engaging in a Zoom video call draws the interviewer’s or audience’s attention to your face. You do not want them to be distracted by your outfit, so they forget to listen to what you have to say. This is why your choice of outfit is essential.

What Is the Best Color To Wear on Zoom?

No precise color makes you look good on a Zoom call. Therefore, knowing how colors affect people is essential, especially on a Zoom call.

Here is a list of the best outfit color for your next Zoom meeting:

Option #1: Black

Black is an excellent choice if you sit in front of a bright background. It is a sophisticated color that makes you stand out from the background.

It also symbolizes authority and power, which positively impacts your words.

Option #2: Grey

Grey is a professional and neutral color that will stand out in black and white backgrounds.

It is a safe color that looks great on camera. It is the safest option.

Option #3: Blue

Blue is one of the best colors to wear on camera. It is professional and has a calming effect on your audience.

It evokes feelings of trustworthiness and does not distract your audience.

Option #4: Brown

When you choose the right shade of brown, it helps you to stand out to your audience without distracting them.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Color

Multiple factors affect the type of color you can put on for a Zoom call. However, you can usually control these factors to decide which works best for you.

Factor #1: Lighting

The quality and position of the light in your environment can affect your outfit’s appearance on a video call.

For example, if the light source is too close to you, it may cause a reflection on your brightly colored outfits, which may distract your audience.

It is best to try different lighting positions with your outfit before the meeting begins.

Factor #2: Skin Tone

The effect of colors changes from one skin tone to another. What works for a dark-skinned subject may vary from a white or brown subject.

You can also experiment with colors on your screen to determine which color works best for your skin tone.

Factor #3: Background

Your choice of color will either contrast or compliment your background.

This effect of your outfit and background may have a jarring effect on your audience. Zoom’s virtual background is dynamic.

Factor #4: Camera Quality

The effect of your outfit’s color depends on how good your device’s camera is.

First, you need to figure out if your camera captures at high definition or low resolution.

This effect may cause a brightly colored outfit to glow or cause a darker shade to look too deep.

Colors To Avoid When Using Zoom Backgrounds

Hers is a list of colors to avoid on a Zoom call.

Color #1: Extreme Black

Avoid wearing highly dark colors unless you are seated in front of a white background. Wearing deep dark colors with a dark background makes you blend in with the environment.

It causes you to look small and distracts the audience from your conversation.

Color #2: Pure White

On a Zoom call, the camera focuses on the white in the video and darkens other parts of the feed. Putting on a white outfit means your face will not be visible, which can undermine your conversation.

Avoid white and any other color that might appear white on camera, like sky blue or pink.

Color #3: Red Hot-Looking Colors

There is nothing wrong with putting on a colorful outfit for a Zoom call.

However, selecting hot red colors that seem to glow in a video call may be a source of distraction for your audience.

In Conclusion

Zoom is an excellent platform for holding meetings, interviews, and deliberations. However, your choice of color can affect the effectiveness of your meeting. To give a good impression, you should choose professional colors.

This article breaks down the best colors to wear on a Zoom call. It also outlines the factors to consider before choosing a color.

Also, read this article, to see which colors work best for Zoom interviews.


Can I wear patterns for a Zoom call?

Yes. However, avoid wearing outfits with significant patterns, as this might be a source of distraction. If you must wear stripes, ensure they are larger as smaller stripes blur into one another, causing distractions.

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