What Is Output Volume on Discord?

What Is Output Volume On Discord

Discord has become increasingly popular. It transformed from being a gamers-only platform to an all-people platform. Discord has traversed into our offices, homes, and communities. Users use it to handle team projects, gaming events, music streaming, and chatting with friends and family.

They can do all these in real-time on the app. They need volume output to accomplish all these possibilities. So, what’s the output volume on Discord? Is it vital?

Quick Answer

Discord’s output volume refers to the loudness you perceive from your microphone when others speak or listen to music and other audio activities via Discord. You can adjust your volume output on Discord any time you wish to lower or increase the volume of the sound emerging from your mic as you talk to others or listen to music.

Output volume is vital to your Discord experiences. This article will cover Discord’s output volume in detail.

Output Volume on Discord

Discord offers extensive control over the quality of your audio experience. It gives you several choices to handle your volume and general audio settings.

The quality of your sound output will impact how you interact with others on Discord. Therefore, ensure that your microphone produces high-quality output volume. The wrong output setting will lower or heighten the output volume on Discord.

Interactions will diminish if you and your friends struggle to hear each other on Discord. Sadly, your microphone may pick up noises in your background. Therefore, worsening your Discord output volume. But you can control your output volume as follows.

Method #1: Use the Volume Slider in Discord Setting

One of the easiest ways to adjust the output volume in Discord is to use the volume slider in the app’s settings. To access the settings, follow the steps below.

Discord Mobile

  1. Open your Discord.
  2. Tap your Discord avatar to access the Discord menu.
  3. Scroll to the “App Settings” section and tap the “Voice” option.
  4. Adjust the volume slider.
  5. Move it towards the left to lower the volume output or towards the right to increase the output.

Discord Desktop or Web

  1. Access your Discord.
  2. Click the gear icon to access your “User Settings.”
  3. Navigate to the “App Settings” section and select “Voice & Video.” 
  4. Drag the “Output Volume” slide to the left or right to adjust it to your liking.

Method #2: Use Your Device’s Volume Buttons

Adjusting your phone’s sound levels is the most convenient way to make Discord louder or quieter. Unfortunately, this will also affect the volume of audio playing on your device. It is important to remember that the output sound on Discord differs from your device’s volume control.

If the Discord sound is too faint, find your smartphone volume buttons and raise or lower them accordingly. On your computer, you can adjust the system volume.

Method #3: Control Your Volume From Your Output Device

You can adjust the volume from output devices like speakers or headphones. Follow the device’s manual to adjust its volume.

Output devices’ volume control will defer from the volume control on Discord or your device.

Method #4: Adjust Individual’s Output Volume

Discord lets you control someone else’s volume while conversing through a voice channel. You can do that right from the channel. Pick the user and adjust the user’s volume on the volume slider.

Summing It Up

The output volume on Discord will dictate your audio experience on Discord. You can modify the output volume by utilizing the volume slider in the Discord settings, operating system sound control, or audio device sound control.

Adjusting the output volume is vital if you want an optimal Discord experience. You need spectacular sound quality when playing games via Discord, listening to music, or conversing with friends. We detailed all you can do to have a great sound experience on Discord.


Why is my output volume quiet?

Check your output device. You may have used an unsupported output device. Also, check your selected output device. An incorrect output device may cause a soundless audio experience on Discord. You may also have to adjust your audio settings.

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