How To Start a WhatsApp Conversation With a Guy

How To Start A Whatsapp Conversation With A Guy

Nowadays, the introduction of social media platforms has made it easy for people to communicate easily.

Now that communication is no longer a problem, the only issue that most people find hard is how they can start and maintain conversations, especially when it involves a special person.

If you have trouble starting a WhatsApp conversation with a guy, learn the best way from this guide!

Quick Answer

When you know the best tips, starting a conversation with a guy on WhatsApp is easy. An easy way of starting a conversation on WhatsApp is by complimenting their status, especially when they post a picture of themselves. You can also enquire about something from the guy via WhatsApp, easily starting the conversation.

As this post explains, you can start a conversation with a guy on WhatsApp in many ways. If you want more tips on the topic, continue reading the post!

How To Start a WhatsApp Conversation With a Guy

WhatsApp is a common platform for communicating with loved ones, but when you want to speak with someone special, like a guy you have been crushing on for a long time, you may find it hard.

But this section outlines several ways you can use when you want to text a guy.

Method #1: Comment on Their Status

Comment On Their Status Whatsapp

When you want to start a conversation with a guy, one easy trick you can use is commenting on their status.

WhatsApp allows users to update their status on their profile, and if this guy you want to chat with is a fan of updating his status, you have an easy way of starting conversing with him.

But when starting a conversation through the status, ensure you say something to make him respond. But don’t look so desperate; you don’t have to respond to every status because that will indicate you are desperate.

Method #2: Ask Him a Question

If you are afraid of starting a conversation with a guy, you can gather your courage and ask a question that will make him stalk you.

It is advisable to use open-ended questions so that they can offer room for a conversation. Moreover, if you ask a closed question, there will be no room for him to provide more details.

When asking him a question, avoiding personal things and other controversial topics like politics and religion is good.

Method #3: Compliment Him

Everyone likes being complimented, and if you get an opportunity to compliment him, do so to start a conversation.

It is advisable to compliment a guy when they post about themselves on their WhatsApp status and tell them you like something about them.

Complimenting a guy will make him excited to talk to you, which will enable you to achieve your aim of starting a conversation.

Method #4: Flirt With Them

Flirting with someone is not bad; some people are encouraged to get into conversation when someone flirts with them.

If you don’t try flirting with the guy, you may never know what he likes, and you may not have a conversation with him.

Therefore, it is good to flirt with him and see if it starts a conversation with him.

Method #5: Share a Story With the Guy

Share A Story With The Guy

If you have a story that you know the guy may be interested to hear, it is a good opportunity to share it and start a conversation with him.

This is the best way of starting a conversation because if it is something he would love to learn more about, he will ask for clarification, making the conversation long.

Tips To Consider When Starting a WhatsApp Conversation With a Guy

Now that you know the various things you can do to start a conversation, it is essential to know what you can do to ensure the conversation continues for some time.

Tip #1: Avoid Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is one of the conversations you might think of when chatting with a guy you see more than a friend, but it is not encouraged when you are not very close to the person.

Dirty talk with someone you are unfamiliar with can look like disrespect.

Moreover, that might leave the wrong impression on the guy, and if he is a conserved guy, the chances of speaking with him again in the future are low.

Tip #2: Avoid Texting Too Much

When conversing with the guy, you don’t want to show him you are desperate to talk with him.

Thus, if he takes forever to respond, give them time, and only text back when you have received a response.

Otherwise, he may not like it, which may kill the conversation.

Tip #3: Learn About the Guy

Before you rush into starting the conversation, it is good to get a hint of what he loves doing to make the conversation interesting.

Moreover, learning about him will enable you to discover what your conversation should be about and what you can avoid to make it more interesting.

If you know his social media profiles, check them out to learn more about him.

Tip #4: Avoid Saying “Hey

One of the most boring ways of starting a conversation is saying “hey” to someone. Imagine if you say “hey” to him and get the same response.

What next? Starting a WhatsApp conversation with “hey” is another way of saying you don’t want a deep conversation with him.

You must be creative and find a way to lead a long conversation. Therefore, avoiding saying simple greetings like hey or hi is recommended.

Tip #5: Confess Your Feelings

Confessing one’s feelings can be frustrating sometimes, and many people don’t like it, but if you are courageous, don’t be afraid.

Therefore, it is good to say your mind if you like the guy more than a friend and see his reaction.


Conversations can be hard sometimes, but you don’t have to worry about what you will say to that guy you have been crushing on in this digital era.

If you have that guy’s WhatsApp contact, read this post for simple tricks you can use to start a conversation with him.

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