What Is Discord Avatar?

What Is Discord Avatar

Discord is one of the greatest digital group communication tools online that connects people globally via virtual chat.

It has more than 150 million monthly active users and 19 million active weekly servers.

You will need a great Discord avatar for your profile to stand out.

But what is Discord avatar?

Quick Answer

A Discord avatar, sometimes called a Discord profile picture, is an image displayed on your profile page and everywhere you interact with others. It reflects who you are as an individual or brand. Your Discord avatar is the first thing people see when you send a friend request.

We will reveal everything you need to know about Discord avatar, including its meaning, why people use it, and other solid information.

What Does the Term ‘Avatar’ Refer To?

The term ‘avatar’ originates from ‘avatara,’ a Sanskrit word that means ‘descent.’ According to practitioners of Hinduism, avatars are manifestations of supernatural beings or deities in bodily form on this planet, such as divine teachers.

For non-Hindu practitioners, ‘avatar’ means ‘an embodiment, incarnation, or manifestation of an idea or person.’

Today, we encounter avatars in this digital space. We define them as the little cartoon character chosen to represent you in forums, video games, etc.

Why Do People Use Avatars?

People use avatars since an avatar practically represents yourself in a virtual world.

Modern avatars serve a unique purpose, much different than initially designed. They serve an explicit and practical purpose in boosting ourselves in digital spaces.

In other words, people use avatars because of the following benefits:

  • Better consumption of information online
  • More significant social interaction
  • A more comprehensive view of your online self
Discord Avatar vs. Discord Servers Logo

The Discord server logo and Discord avatar are entirely different. A Discord avatar is just a personal chat avatar displayed within the profile and chat interfaces. It has a dimension of 128 x 128 pixels.

On the other hand, a Discord server logo functions as a public server icon. This is what people see when searching for a server on the platform. When you join the server, it often appears in the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen. Its dimensions are 512 x 512 pixels.

The 3 Specific Discord Avatar Types

A Discord avatar is a small graphical image used in customizing a profile. It is the equivalent of a profile picture and allows Discord users to communicate their individuality or brands.

Avatars can even impact other users’ perceptions of you.

Three specific Discord avatar types exist.

Type #1: User Avatars

Setting up an avatar on your Discord profile is one of the best ways of customizing your account.

The Discord avatar helps convey your interests and personality.

Type #2: Server Avatars

Setting a Discord avatar also helps customize your server.

The avatar you use for your server makes it distinct and recognizable from a list of Discord servers.

That is why it is crucial to only use a unique avatar that acutely represents your community and makes it stand out.

Type #3: Nitro Avatars

This is only available for Discord users with premium access. You can set an animated avatar.

If any Discord user hovers over this avatar with their cursor, the graphics animation will display itself, but it only works if you set it to do so.

Should You Use Your Real Picture on Discord?

Discord doesn’t stipulate that users must use their real photos or likeness as avatars. You don’t even have to use any realistic images. Discord allows you to use photographs and a wide range of cartoon images and illustrations.

All photos, images, or likenesses used as Discord avatars must be in JPG or animated GIF format. This allows Discord users to use powerful imagery to craft new identities.

The images could be obtained from the internet or designed from scratch.

Nevertheless, some communities on Discord have standards that members must meet, especially regarding image content. Failing to adhere to those standards will result in the rejection of your profile picture.

For instance, Discord doesn’t allow NSFW images, explicit nudity, or pornographic content. The platform also stands against showing minors in sexually-suggestive postures and showcasing violent imagery.

Avoid using anything controversial or extreme as your Discord avatar.


A Discord avatar may be little, but it is a crucial graphic allowing communities, individuals, and businesses to communicate their brands and impact people’s perceptions of you.

They help pinpoint you from a sea of other Discord users and make you instantly recognizable.

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