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How To Make Confetti on Messenger

How To Make Confetti On Messenger

Messenger is developing multiple features to give its users the best experience when communicating with family and friends.

Now you can make your chatting experience better using the confetti and other effects that have been added to the application.

If you are still wondering how to make confetti on Facebook Messenger, this guide is for you!

Quick Answer

Making confetti on Messenger is easy using the Messenger application. You can make and send confetti to your friends by opening a Messenger inbox and typing your message. Before you click on the send icon, tap the search icon beside the message you typed and type “Confetti” in the given space. Select the “Confetti effect” you find appropriate, then click on the send icon.

Making confetti on Messenger is easy when you are familiar with it. But although you are new to Facebook Messenger, you can make and send confetti, as explained in this article.

Recent Facebook Messenger Updates to Try

Did you know Facebook Messenger has released recent updates to make their user’s experience the best? Several features like “Vanish Mode”, “Watch Together”, and chat effects make the app the best for conversing.

The following are the best recent updates you should check out on Messenger:

Watch Together

Watch Together is a feature that enables you and your friend on Messenger to stream and watch the same video. The feature is also available for users who access Messenger from Instagram.

Instagram Integration

Messenger can now be accessed from Instagram, meaning you can access your Facebook messages without installing the Messenger application, so long as you have an account.

Vanish Mode

Vanish Mode is another feature that has enabled sharing of sensitive data on Messenger. When a person leaves the chat, all messages you share while in Vanish mode will disappear.

Chat Effects

Messenger has introduced various effects users can make and send to their friends when chatting. Instead of sending a naked message, you can add the fire or Confetti effects making your chat experience the best.

How To Make Confetti on Messenger

Confetti effects are one of the latest features that Messenger has activated for its users.

Your messages don’t have to be boring because you can use multiple effects to make your experience the best. One of the features that most users are yet to use is the confetti effects.

You can make and send confetti on Messenger, as indicated in this section.

  1. Open your Messenger application on your device.
  2. Tap on the inbox where you want to send a message.
  3. Click on “type here” and type the message you want to send.
  4. Before tapping the send icon, click the search icon beside the selected message.
  5. In the search bar, enter the word “Confetti” and search.
  6. Select the suitable confetti effect and tap the send icon.

Your message will be surrounded by the confetti effect you selected. Moreover, if you want to use the fire effect, select it from the given effects.


Messenger is a suitable application you cannot ignore when you want a convenient messaging application.

The application updates multiple effects, making it suitable to use with friends, especially when you want your experience to be on another level.

Read the post for assistance if you are stuck making and sending confetti on Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is confetti on Messenger?

Confetti is the Messenger effect that people exploit to have a better chatting experience with friends. Sending messages can be boring and may require you to apply effects like confetti or fire effects.

How do you send confetti on Facebook Messenger?

Sending confetti on Facebook Messenger is easy and does not require intervention from a third-party application. You can make confetti by typing a message on Messenger and clicking on the search icon beside the message you want to send. Search for “confetti” in the given bar, and choose the most appropriate confetti effect to send.

Are there effects on Messenger?

Yes. Messenger is an application that is releasing multiple features rapidly. Among the latest updates is the ability to use various effects like the fire or confetti effects which users can invoke and use when sending messages. When you want to add effects to your Messenger messages, click on the search icon, and the available effects will be listed.

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