How Long Does It Take for Discord To Ban Someone?

How Long Does It Take For Discord To Ban Someone

Discord is a social media app where communities with similar interests use the app’s server system to communicate via chat, video, and other means. Like other social media platforms, Discord has specific Terms of Service or Community guidelines that, when violated, can lead to an account ban.

Bans can be temporary or permanent, depending on the level of violation. Some of the significant reasons for Discord bans include racism, sexism, spamming, and the use of profanities.

Quick Answer

There’s no specific timeline if you’re wondering how long Discord takes to ban someone after a policy violation. The ban response can be immediate or soon after, depending on the policy you’ve violated. In some cases, Discord may send a warning, sometimes two, before deciding to ban your account. Usually, Discord will send a notification before banning your account.

Read on to learn more about types of Discord bans and how long Discord takes to ban someone.

Overview of Discord Bans

Discord has two bans: a platform ban and a server ban. Server bans are enforced by users with roles with permission to ban members who violate specific laws. It’s essential to note that servers can have different regulations. What may be allowed in one server may be an offense in another. It’s vital to familiarize yourself with the rules of each server you’re a member of.

There are two types of server bans: kick and actual bans. A kick is when your account is removed from the server. Kicks are not permanent, as you can rejoin when you wish.

Bans, on the other hand, involve the blacklisting of the account from the server by blocking its phone number and IP address. This type of ban is usually permanent. IP address blocking prevents creating and rejoining the server with a different account. Users can try masking their IP address with a VPN, but this violates Discord’s Terms of Service, and if someone reports your account, Discord will delete it.

The other type of Discord ban is the platform ban. This usually results from violating Discord’s community guidelines or Terms of Service. Discord’s Trust and Safety team is responsible for instituting such bans. As stated earlier, these bans can result from sexism, racism, or the use of profanities.

There are various levels of Discord’s platform bans. They include API bans, Quarantine, Temporary bans, Account termination, or permanent bans.

Next, we discuss the various platform bans and how long Discord takes to institute them.

Different Types of Discord Platform Bans

Before banning your account, Discord typically sends a warning DM and email notifying you of the violation. You may receive a warning a few hours after your violation, but there’s no standard timeline. If your violation is serious, it may result in one of the bans discussed below.


An API ban occurs when a user is prevented from accessing API after exceeding their rate limits, usually for spamming. API bans primarily happen immediately after the violation and can last for an hour or longer.


Quarantine is a platform ban when Discord detects suspicious behavior from your account. Quarantine bans don’t always happen after a single violation, so it’s impossible to tell precisely how long Discord takes to implement it.

If your account is quarantined, Discord will notify you using the red bar at the top of your account. The quarantine prevents you from joining new servers, sending DMs to new friends, or sending friend requests. You can appeal a quarantine by clicking the Appeal Quarantine button on the red bar.

Temporary Bans

Temporary bans occur after a few violations. There’s no standard timeline for this type of ban, but Discord may have sent a few warnings before resulting in a temporary ban.

Account Termination

If you engage in some of the severe Terms of Use or community guidelines violations like racism or sexism, your account may be terminated.

Termination, like other bans, may not happen immediately after a breach. Account violation means that your account is disabled and then later deleted. You can, however, create another account.

Permanent Ban

A permanent ban is when your account is blacklisted from Discord along with your IP Address and phone number. Permanent bans happen after serious violations.

They may or may not be preceded by a warning. There’s no standard timeline for how long Discord takes to effect a permanent ban.


Bans are necessary to ensure users follow Discords Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Discord doesn’t have a standard timeline for effecting bans. It can happen immediately or after a series of violations. Warnings may also precede bans.

There are various types of bans depending on the level of violation. They include API bans, temporary and permanent bans.

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