What Is a Super Chat on YouTube?

What Is A Super Chat On Youtube

Content creation is a significant part of YouTube’s appeal. Over the last several years, the platform has been inventing and adding several features to allow creators to make more money from their craft. The primary income generator for YouTubers is ads.

However, with premium subscriptions and ad blockers, there’s a need to diversify income sources for YouTubers while maintaining user and creator interaction. One of the features YouTube came up with is Super Chat.

Quick Answer

Super Chat on YouTube is a highlighted message in the comments that stands out. It is a feature that allows creators to earn from their channels when live streaming. Viewers can click the dollar button under the chat window and select the amount to pay to the creator. After, they can post a chat or pin a comment that will appear in a different font from the others.

This post discusses what Super Chat on YouTube is, how it works, and how live-stream viewers can use it.

Overview of Super Chat on YouTube

As mentioned, Super Chat is a relatively new YouTube feature accessible to creators already eligible for channel monetization.

It allows viewers to pay the creator and comment on their livestream. The viewer’s comment will appear in the chat feed along with other comments but in a different color, so it’s more prominent.

Depending on the amount paid, the viewer can also pin the comment if it appears at the top of the comments section. Usually, Super Chats are meant to create more interaction with creators while still supporting your channel.

For example, a creator can shout-out to the first five or ten Super Chat viewers to acknowledge them for supporting their channel.

Note that creators must meet monetization prerequisites before utilizing Super Chat on their live streams. Besides Super Chat, viewers can also send Super Stickers.

Super stickers are animated stickers highlighted in the comments section, similar to the Super Chat, so they are noticeable to the streamer. They are an excellent way to customize a comment. Like Super Chats, Super Stickers are also payable.

Next, we’ll discuss the way super chats on YouTube work.

How Super Chats Work on YouTube?

As we’ve established, Super Chats are a relatively new feature allowing creators to earn from their live streams. The YouTuber needs to enable this function before they begin broadcasting their video. If the creator has enabled Super Chats and Super Stickers, viewers will see a dollar sign when they click on the live video.

Creators can manage their Super Chats and moderate the type of comments they receive. This typically involves blocking some words. If the creator has blocked some words, you can’t use them in the Super Chat.

The amount viewers pay determines what they get from the Super Chat. The more you pay, the longer the comment stays in the chat feed. Additionally, paying a higher amount allows you to pin the comment to the top of the feed. You can also get extra characters in the comment, so it’s longer.

On the other hand, creators can go through their Super Chats feed to see how many chats they received. Currently, YouTube creators receive up to 70% of the income generated from Super Chats, with the rest going to YouTube. This makes it an excellent income alternative, especially for creators with a huge audience and live stream frequently.

Super Chats are visible to the creator and other viewers. Viewers can see the amount paid. Creators can track the total income earned through Super Chat using their YouTube Studio “Analytics” section.

If you’re a viewer looking to utilize YouTube Super Chat, you can do using the steps below.

  1. Click on the livestream of your favorite creator.
  2. Click on the dollar sign within the chat window.
    • Note the creator has to enable the Super Chat function for the dollar sign to be visible to viewers.
  3. Select “Super Chat.”
  4. Drag the slider on your screen to select the amount you wish to give.
  5. Click “Buy and Send.”
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to complete payment.


Super Chat on YouTube is a feature that allows creators to earn through their live streams. Viewers pay to have their comments highlighted in the chat feed.

The higher the pay, the longer the comment stays in the feed. Depending on the pay, you can get additional characters and pin the comment to the top of the feed.

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