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What Is a “Spark” on Facebook Dating?

What Is A Spark On Facebook Dating

Facebook is a giant tech company aiming to retain users by adding all the cool features that keep them engaged on the platform.

One such feature is Facebook Dating which makes it easy for people to find a match on the platform. Besides, Facebook Dating comes integrated with your Facebook account.

Do you know what “spark” means on Facebook Dating?

Quick Answer

Facebook has the secret crush feature where someone can add 9 of their Facebook friends as their “secret crush”, and when a match is found, their names get revealed, and a room is created for bonding.

This feature of getting a match where your crush had also fancied you is what a “spark” means on Facebook Dating. Sparks are rare, but if you fancy someone and they also do, you will likely create a “spark” on Facebook Dating.

Today’s guide enlightens you on what Facebook Dating is and some of its cool features, including the secret crush. Further, we will understand what spark means on Facebook Dating and how you can end up in a spark.

What is Facebook Dating?

If you are into meeting new people on Facebook and bonding with them, Facebook Dating is worth your time.

Facebook added Facebook Dating, where someone can create their profile and interact with others, hopefully creating new relationships on the platform.

To create your Facebook Dating profile, you can use the steps below from your Facebook account:

  1. When logged into your Facebook account, click the three lines at the top or bottom.
  2. Locate and click on “Dating”.
  3. Next, click the “Get Started” button, then share your picture and location.

That’s it! Your Facebook Dating profile will get generated and activated. Furthermore, your profile will get recommended to other people on Facebook Dating.

To help make the platform more engaging, Facebook introduced features like a secret crush, which helps create a spark and bond more people on the platform.

What Does “Spark” Mean on Facebook Dating?

To understand what “spark” means on Facebook Dating, we must understand how the secret crush feature on Facebook Dating works.

Here’s the thing; if you are interested in someone but unsure whether they are on Facebook Dating or not, there is a trick to use.

The secret crush feature allows you to curate any nine friends you follow on Instagram or Facebook and are interested in. Once selected, you can add them, and they will get notified that someone has a secret crush on them.

It gets better since your name or Facebook profile won’t show up with the notification, making it safe to shoot your shot.

If one of the nine friends has a crush on you and they add you back as their crush, bingo! That’s a spark, and a match has been created. That’s when you can then connect with that person and message each other.

So, a spark on Facebook Dating is only created after you’ve used the secret crush feature and added at most nine people you are interested in. If one of them adds you back as their crush, your profiles will reveal, and you can message each other. That’s what a spark on Facebook Dating means.

Remember, you can only message someone once you show mutual interest, achieved when there is a spark.


Facebook Dating is a cool feature added by Facebook to help people mingle and create new relationships.

While on Facebook Dating, you can create a spark by utilizing the secret crush feature, where if someone adds you back as their crush, that’s a spark, giving you room to message each other.

This guide discussed what a spark means on Facebook Dating and how to create a spark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Spark” mean on Facebook Dating?

“Spark” is a term used to imply mutual crush when using the secret crush feature. When you add someone as your crush, and they add you back, your profiles will reveal, paving room for more bonding. In such a case, a spark has been created, and with it, you can message your crush and interact more with them on the Facebook Dating platform.

How does Facebook Dating work?

Facebook Dating is a feature available on your Facebook account. You can access it from the menu options, and when you click on it, you can easily create your Facebook Dating profile. Once you do, other profiles will be recommended to you, which you can like, and when there is a mutual interest, you can then message each other.

Who can see my profile when using the Secret Crush feature?

The secret crush feature allows someone to add around 9 of their friends as people they are interested in. The people you add will receive a notification, but your name and profile won’t be revealed. However, if one of the people adds you back as their crush, your profile will get revealed, and you can start messaging each other.

How can I message someone on Facebook Dating?

You can only message someone on Facebook Dating if you share a mutual interest. It could be that you both liked each other’s Facebook Dating profile, or a spark was created. When that happens, you can then easily message each other.

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