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How To Catch Facebook Cheaters

How To Catch Facebook Cheaters

It’s much easier to know about people’s lives with the trail left by them on social media. For example, some social platforms tell you when a person is online, and some will show you their activities from likes, comments, and tags. With these trails at your disposal, it’s not so hard to know if your spouse or lover is cheating on you using Facebook.

Quick Answer

You can look for signs from your partner’s activities on Facebook to know if they’re cheating. Some of these include spending more time on Facebook than with you, being private with posts, acting shady while using Facebook, changing their passwords unexpectedly, and not sharing photos of you two, among other signs.

This article will detail all the signs your partner can exhibit that tell you they’re cheating. Then, when they display more of these signs, you can confront them or devise plans that get them caught red-handed.

Signs That Your Partner May Be Cheating on Facebook

Unless you’re using paid “spyware” that can leak your partner’s messages or give you the hard evidence that your partner is cheating, you have signs of relying on that might confirm your partner is cheating. However, they must display more than two signs before you can confront or ensure that your partner is using the social platform for cheating.

The following are potential signs that your partner is cheating.

They Want To Be Alone When Using Facebook

If your partner only wants to use Facebook when alone, this is one of the telltale signs that they may be cheating. Undoubtedly, couples who are into each other never mind sharing funny posts or other interesting content on Facebook with their partners. But if yours excuses themself from you when they want to use Facebook, it might be time to start asking questions.

For example, you might see them going into the restroom with their phone or never leaving their phone within your reach.

Spending More Time on Facebook Than They Do With You

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with your significant other, and if they’d instead use most of that time on Facebook, it should raise concerns. But, on the other hand, if they’re always grinning at their phone when on Facebook and won’t share the joke, then your partner is being the source of happiness and getting the same from another person.

Although, this might just be a habit as most people are addicted to their phones and have to unlearn it. This is why you should raise concerns when you observe this particular sign in your partner and address it as soon as possible.

They Never Share Photos With You in It

Several people express their love for their partners by posting cute photos of them and writing even more adorable things. This way, they’re telling everyone there’s someone special in their lives and warding off advances from others. However, if your partner never posts photos of you together, even on special occasions, it signifies problems in your relationship that can also involve cheating.

The internet is the new physical reality where we let everyone around us know our love interests and even stay in touch with social apps. Of course, it’s only right if your partner shares photos with both of you in it at intervals. As a measure, you can ask if they have something against sharing these pictures and work out a compromise that satisfies you.

They Change Their Password Unexpectedly

If your partner was always open about their social apps and you had access to their Facebook, they pretty much have nothing to hide. But if that changes unexpectedly, you should ask why, as it might mean they’re cheating. Generally, people have a reserve for going through their partner’s phone, but a healthy relationship should have that level of trust.

And if you had that healthy relationship and it suddenly changes, it’s a no-brainer that your partner is hiding something from you. Probably, a new relationship.

They Have Privacy Enabled on Specific Posts

If you have access to your partner’s Facebook profile, you might want to check the wall that allows specific privacy settings. This privacy setting would enable them to restrict their content to a particular group of people.

You can check the privacy settings on their posts which will be indicated with “all,” friends of friends,” or “friends.” However, if you come across a post with a lock sign, it’s visible to one person or a selected group of persons. This sign is a substantial warning that your partner is into something shady, which might be cheating.

Their Friends and Acquaintances on Facebook Have a Higher Number of the Opposite Gender

While some might argue that this is not exactly a problem, you should still be cautious. Ask questions if you see your partner interacting with more of the opposite gender on Facebook. However, you’ll need to be careful of how you go about this because your partner might have more friends of the opposite sex in reality.

You can also do a thorough search on their friends and followers. Check their pages for anything out of the norm, such as your partner’s sultry or flirty comment. See what they’re tagging them to, and be sure it’s nothing too intimate.

They Have More Than One Facebook Account

People with more than one Facebook account are probably using it to run pages. However, if your partner is not running a business and you discover they have more than one Facebook account without telling you, it means they’re hiding something. This could be cheating, and you should probably observe the account’s activities before drawing your conclusion.


As established earlier, unless you’re using some spyware to get hard evidence of their chats and Facebook data, you only have these signs to tell they’re cheating. If they exhibit up to three signs, you should confront them about how you know and get logical explanations.

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