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What Is a 5xx Server Error on Instagram?

What Is A 5Xx Server Error On Instagram

At some point, when using any social media platform, you will encounter some technical glitches.

A good example is the 5xx Instagram error. If you have no idea why you encounter this error, you may easily get frustrated and think your Instagram has some complicated problems, which isn’t the case. Besides, there are various categories for the error. So, don’t get surprised to see different error codes, from 500 to 511.

Quick Answer

The different error codes imply various reasons, and we will see what they mean. The 5xx Instagram error results mainly from Instagram’s server failing, but the error may be at your end. Luckily, regardless of which 5xx Instagram error you encounter, there are various fixes you can try to regain your normal Instagram activities.

We’ll discuss what the 5xx Instagram error is, the various error codes that it has, and what they mean. Moreover, we will check the common reasons you are encountering the 5xx error and outline some of the fixes you should try. Lastly, we will discuss users’ key concerns regarding the 5xx Instagram error. Read on to learn.

 What is 5xx Instagram Error?

The 5xx Instagram error is not new, but it may seem so if it’s your first time encountering it.

The error results when Instagram faces an internal server error that affects all the Instagram accounts. In such a case, the Instagram server cannot complete users’ requests, and you get a blank screen with the 5xx Server Error.

Let’s look at the 5xx error codes and what they mean:

  • Code 500: the internal server error that occurs when the server fails to complete the client requests. If processes or scripts crash from Instagram’s end, you will get the error code 500.
  • Code 501: it represents not implemented, and it occurs when Instagram’s server cannot handle a user’s request due to lacking functionality or resource.
  • Code 502: When the server gets an incorrect response when handling requests, it returns a bad gateway. 
  • Code 503: when the server is under maintenance or upgrades and gets rendered unavailable, you get the service unavailable error.
  • Code 504: when making an Instagram request such as searches, Instagram awaits a response from the upstream server. When no response gets received on time, it returns the Gateway Timeout error.
  • Code 505: when the server cannot support the HTTP version, it throws the HTTP Version Not Supported.
  • Code 511: occurs when Instagram requires network authentication, and you must authenticate yourself to resume using Instagram.

Now that you know the various 5xx Instagram errors that are there, how about knowing their fixes?

How To Fix the 5xx Instagram Error

There are various tips for fixing the 5xx Instagram error, and we will discuss each in detail. The point is to try any of the listed fixes until one fixes your error.

Restart Instagram

When Instagram is facing some minor glitches, restarting the app is the easiest fix. Besides, if you recently updated the app or it suddenly stopped working and brought up the 5xx error, close the app and restart it. Doing so will hopefully resolve the minor glitches.

Restart Your Phone

If restarting Instagram doesn’t fix the error, restart your phone. Sometimes all that’s needed is to restart all the services on your phone. For Android users, long press the power button and choose restart from the options. Once it restarts, try accessing your Instagram account.

Similarly, for iPhone users, long press the volume button and drag the slider to switch off the phone. Again, press the same button to power the iPhone and attempt to access your Instagram account.

Check Your Internet

When Instagram’s server cannot respond to a request or encounters a weak Internet connection, you may get the 5xx error. The solution is to resolve your Internet connection. Check your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection and ensure the mistake is not on your side.

If you are using mobile data, try connecting to Wi-Fi instead. Also, try restarting the mobile data or turning on and off the Airplane Mode.

Be Patient

Not all errors you can fix, especially when they are on the side of Instagram as a company. In such a case, you need to be patient and let the company fix the error from their side. However, as you wait, try logging in and out of your account periodically and see if you will succeed.

Access Instagram via Browser

If the Instagram app is problematic, try using the browser to access your account. For this, do the following.

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Log in to your account using your credentials

Hopefully, accessing your account via a browser won’t encounter the 5xx error.

Update Instagram App

Are you using the latest Instagram version? Probably the version you have has a bug. For Android users, open the Play Store, search for Instagram from the search bar, and click the “Update” button. For iPhone users, open App Store. On the search bar, enter Instagram, and once it shows up, click the “Update” button next to Instagram.

Reinstall Instagram App

For Android users, long press the Instagram app on your home screen, then click the “Uninstall” option once it shows up. Lastly, install Instagram from Play Store. Similarly, start by locating the Instagram app on your home screen for your iPhone. Press it until it vibrates, then click on it to uninstall. You can install Instagram from App Store and log in using your details.


We’ve covered what the 5xx Instagram error is in detail. Furthermore, we’ve seen what causes it, the various categories of the error, and offered multiple methods that you should try to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting the 5xx Instagram error?

The error occurs when Instagram’s server encounter errors. Sometimes, the error may result from your end, such as using a degraded Instagram version.

How do I fix the 5xx Instagram error?

There are various methods you can try. We discussed the main options available in this article. Try each until one works for your case.

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