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How To Shazam on Instagram

How To Shazam On Instagram

Shazam is a great app that allows you to listen to music and discover what music is playing. The app is useful when you need to explore music, but don’t have the details, such as the name of the music and the artist.

You can use Shazam with different applications, including Instagram. Instagram is excellent for Instagram stories and videos, and most times, you may watch reels and want to know the name of the music.

Quick Answer

With Shazam, any time you are viewing stories or watching videos on Instagram, Shazam can listen to the audio and give the details of the music. Besides, Shazam can download the music and store it in your Shazam library. All you need is to install Shazam and click on it whenever you need to gather details of the audio, and it will discover the music for you.

If you’ve never used Shazam, this post will guide you on how to use it with Instagram. Furthermore, we will see how to get the full audio of the Instagram story or video and save it on your phone. Lastly, we will answer the frequently asked question about Shazam on Instagram.

Getting Started with Shazam on Instagram

Have you come across an Instagram story or video, and the music sounds so awesome, but you don’t know its name? Or perhaps you want to use the same audio with your Instagram stories in the future or download it to your playlist?

We all get the feeling sometimes, and that’s why Shazam does the magic we need.

Most Instagram feeds have music playing in the background, and since we can’t know all the new music in town, we need an app that does the work for us. Besides, when viewing Instagram reels, you will often discover the great taste of music that you must check out later, calling for the use of Shazam.

To use Shazam on Instagram, follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install the Shazam app on your phone. The download source depends on your phone. For Android, Shazam is available on Google Play Store. If using iOS, you can also get Shazam from Apple App Store.Download Shazam On Android
  2. Open the app, and when setting up the app, give it permission to “Use your Microphone.” Allow Permission For Microphone
  3. Open the Instagram app and navigate to the song or story you want to Shazam. Navigate To The Story
  4. While the story starts to play, Click on the Shazam Icon, to start listening to the audio being played. Click On Shazam Icon
  5. You will notice a Notification on the Shazam logo once it discovers the details of the audio playing. Notification By Shazam
  6. That’s it! You can go back to the Shazam app for more details or even download the discovered music. Get More Detail Page Shazam

The process is the same whenever you need to Shazam any music on Instagram. If Shazam is permitted to display on top of other apps, the logo will always appear, and you can click on it to Shazam the music in the background.

Note that all music discovered by Shazam is available for download from the Shazam library.


Shazam is an excellent app for discovering details of the music playing in the background. You can Shazam songs playing on any application, and in this guide, we covered how to Shazam on Instagram.

You can use the same concept for other apps. The steps presented are easy to follow, and hopefully, you will have ease discovering new songs on Instagram stories, thanks to Shazam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the name of a song in an Instagram Story?

Any song on Instagram, from the story or the reels, can be sourced via the Shazam app. Ensure you have Shazam installed, and when playing the Instagram story, click the Shazam logo on the screen’s right side. Shazam will listen to the music and discover the details, such as its name.

Can I use Shazam to download Instagram songs?

Yes, you can. First, use Shazam to discover the details of the music. Next, open the Shazam library to get the listing of the music and click the option to download using Shazam. You can then use the downloaded music for any purpose, including reposting it with your Instagram stories.

What applications can I use with Shazam?

Shazam works with almost all applications installed. Provided you have permitted it to display over other apps. You can use Shazam to discover music on apps such as Instagram and YouTube. Besides, you can play around with Shazam to discover music playing in the background. Moreover, it works with other sources, such as external speakers or another phone.

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