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What Happens When You Like a Facebook Page?

What Happens When You Like A Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the social media platforms, and it is excellent for networking with people and marketing your business. If you are using this platform, you have heard people requesting that you like their page. Have you ever wondered what happens when you like a Facebook page? Or why do people emphasize their audience liking their page? Liking a Facebook page indicates you show support for that content.

Quick Answer

Facebook allows users to view content, and when you feel its suits you, you can like it. When you like a Facebook page, you show support for the page, which means you want to see more of that content. After you like a page, you automatically start following it, and your name may be shown on that page and in the ads.

Some of us sometimes like pages for the sake, but it is good to know what happens when you click that like button. This guide has presented answers to what happens when you drop that like on a page, the benefits of liking pages, and answered the frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

What Happens When You Like a Facebook Page?

When you click that like button on Facebook, it indicates love and support for that content. The liked page will appear in your feed, and Facebook will bring you more of such content.

Sometimes, when you like a page, you may start following it automatically, meaning you will see such content often when it is posted. As soon as you click the like button, the page owner is notified that you liked their page. But this does not mean the page owner can see your personal information.

If you find some content exciting and you want to keep receiving such content, you can choose to get notified every time that page posts something new. Maybe it is some sale or coupon information you don’t want to miss. You can add a notification by hovering over the liked button and select on the Get Notifications option.   

How To Like a Page on Facebook

Liking a Facebook page is easy, but you may find this difficult, especially when the page you want to like is not displayed on your screen. In such a case, you can drop that like on the page by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Facebook page.
  2. Find the page you want to like.
  3. Click the Like icon located below the page’s cover photo.

When you like the page, it will change the color of the Like icon. Moreover, you can know if you liked a page by selecting About on your Profile, and you will see the page listed below the Likes option.

What Are the Benefits of Liking a Facebook Page?

If you are marketing some products on Facebook, getting people to like your page is an excellent way to start growing your business and your customers. When you like a page, you get benefits, and it is not like you are helping that Facebook page alone. Some of the benefits are timely updates and connection.

Creating Connection

As we mentioned earlier, when you like a page, you declare your support for that page. It may happen that when you like a page, the admin may like back your page, which will grow your audience. Moreover, that page’s visitors may see you liked the page and check your page.

Timely Updates

When you like a page, any updates the page issues, you will get it immediately, keeping you informed. If it is a business sale you have been waiting for, you will be notified promptly and will not miss the deal.

How To Add Liked Pages to a List

Facebook allows you to list your liked pages, especially when pages are similar. If a page is about sports or news, you can group them to create Interest Lists. Moreover, you can be assured that a Facebook page cannot tag you because you liked their page. They can only tag you if you left a comment and only tag in the post you commented on.


Facebook has offered many features, including the like feature. Sometimes, we use features without knowing the implications of our actions. This guide has explained what happens when you like a Facebook page. Before dropping that like, read this guide to clear your suspicions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Know the Facebook Pages I Follow?

Facebook allows you to know the pages you follow. You can do this by going to your Profile in the About section, scrolling downwards, and clicking Friends, then the “Following” option. You will see all fans you follow and the pages.

How Do I Unlike a Facebook Page?

You can unlike a page by going to your News Feed, searching for the page and navigating to below the cover photo of the page, and tapping on Liked icon.

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