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How To Add Instagram to Twitter Bio

How To Add Instagram To Twitter Bio

Twitter and Instagram are two famous giants in the social media world. While they both have their unique features, you can switch between both platforms by linking your accounts. You can add Instagram to your Twitter bio and vice versa.

Adding Instagram accounts to your Twitter bio would help create awareness on your Instagram account, especially if you’re a brand influencer.

Quick Answer

Generally, to add Instagram to your Twitter bio, launch Instagram in your web browser, navigate to your profile, and copy the URL from the navigation bar. Then, on your Twitter profile, paste the link in the website area. Finally, click “Save” to complete the process.

As you can see, the steps are relatively straightforward. However, there’s more you need to know about adding your IG link to your Twitter bio. This guide will delve into that and some related frequently asked questions. So, stay tuned as we get started.

Essential Things Concerning Twitter Bio

An essential aspect of a Twitter user’s profile is their bio. When someone checks out your account on Twitter, the first thing they’ll notice is your Twitter bio. Furthermore, your profile provides essential information that allows visitors or potential followers to learn more about you.

In addition, you may include a quick overview of your services in your Twitter profile, convey brand information, and inform people about the benefits of following you. Nonetheless, the length limit for your Twitter bio is roughly 160 characters.

Regardless, you can add your Instagram link to your Twitter bio in this profile section. However, there is one flaw with this. The limit is that you can only add one link, which may or may not be limited to some users, but keep in mind that there are always potential resolutions to a challenge.


Adding your Instagram Profile URL to your Twitter bio is one of the best ways to create brand awareness and gain more clients. Top brand influencers have often implemented this strategy over time. Thus, it’s something you should consider doing.

Steps To Add Instagram to Twitter Bio

Step #1: Copy the Link to Your Instagram Profile 

The easiest way to get a link to your profile is by navigating to your Instagram profile on your favorite web browser. No, you just have to copy the URL from the navigation bar.

However, if you prefer not to use the browser, you can also use this format: Just replace “username” with your Instagram username.

Copy The Link To Your Instagram Profile

Step #2: Sign In to Your Twitter Account

Now, launch the Twitter web app and log in (if required).

Open Twitter And Log In

Step #3: Navigate to Twitter Profile

Navigate To Twitter Profile

If you are using Twitter’s web app, click on the “Profile” option in the left navigation. If you use the mobile app, tap on your profile picture in the top left corner and select “Profile.”

Proceed by tapping on “Edit Profile” under your cover image.

Edit Profile Twitter

Step #4: Add the Instagram Link

On the next screen, scroll down and tap the “Website” field. Then paste your Instagram account’s profile URL. You can also shorten the URL to your Instagram profile and paste it into the “Website” field. 

Add The Instagram Link

Step #5: Tap “Save”

To finish the procedure, click “Save” in the top right corner of the modal.

Tap Save


When it comes to promoting your brand or yourself, having various links that can guide users and followers to other websites or social media platforms is the most effective method. In this scenario, putting your Instagram link in your Twitter bio appears to be one of the best ways to gain more followers and potential clients.

As stated above, to add Instagram to your Twitter bio, navigate to Instagram’s profile and copy the link. Then, on your Twitter profile, paste the link in the website area. Finally, click “Save” to complete the process.


Is it possible to add links to Twitter?

Yes, you can share links to your Twitter account. Regardless of account type, anyone can add links to their Twitter bio. In addition, you can include links in your tweet(s). You can also incorporate a link to an article in your tweet if you wish to share it on Twitter.

How do I include a link in my Twitter bio?

To add a link to your Twitter bio, go to your profile, click “Edit profile,” and paste a link into the website section. Finally, tap “Save” to save your changes.

How do I get rid of a link from my Twitter bio?

To get rid of a link from your Twitter bio, go to your profile and tap “Edit Profile.” Then, if applicable, delete the link(s) you’ve included in your bio description, as well as the link you’ve included in the website box (if any).

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