How To Join Discord Server Without a Link?

How To Join Discord Server Without Link

The easiest way to join any Discord server is via its link. It is no rocket science! Now the question is, what happens if you do not have the link and you still want to join a particular Discord server?

If this question is in your head like ours, then you are in the right place. We are exploring the possible solutions to this dilemma of how to join any Discord server without a link.

Quick Answer

The easiest way to join any public server without a link is by using the “Explore Public Servers” feature available only on the PC version of Discord. Here, you can search any public server or the related keyword on the search bar or navigate specific categories to find the one you are looking for and join it. Similarly, you can use popular websites like Top.gg or Disboard to find the desired public server on Discord.

Let’s learn how to use this “Explore Public Servers” feature and Top.gg or Disboard to find servers to join without their links.

Can You Join Discord Server Without a Link?

To answer this question, let’s clarify what kind of server we are talking about here.

If you are talking about a private server, I am sorry to tell you that you cannot join such servers without an invitation link.

On the other hand, if you are interested in some public servers, then know that you can join them without their links if you try a little more.

Good To Know

Private servers are private spaces for close friends or specific groups of people who can only join if you send them an invitation link. These servers are generally for particular niche communities. When you create a private server, only members can view your channels.

Public servers, as the name indicates, are the public spaces on Discord that everybody can join. These servers are generally around popular topics or themes, which all the fans and fanatics can join to have fun.

Since this is out of the way that we cannot join a private server without an invitation, let’s focus our energies on public servers. As you know, you can join a public server without a link. Want to learn how?

Here’s how!

Method #1: Explore Public Servers Feature

One way to join any public server without the link is through the “Explore Public Servers” feature.

This feature will be your best friend that will help you navigate through hundreds of thousands of public servers on Discord to find the desired one.

Did You Know?

In 2021, Discord was reported to have more than 13.5 million active servers.

You need to access Discord on your computer to use the “Explore Public Servers” feature. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord on your PC.
  2. Next, locate the “Explore Public Servers” (compass icon) on the left panel.
  3. Enter the keyword related to any community you want to join in the search bar, e.g., if you want to join the Stranger Things community, then write “Stranger Things” in the space given and hit “Enter.”
  4. Open the server, explore it, and if you find it interesting, click on the “Join Server” button on top to join.

Some Pointers

Below are some helpful pointers about the explore public servers feature:

  • You can search for specific communities under different categories (Music, gaming, educational, etc.) on the left panel under “Discover.”
  • Discord will show the most popular ones on top of the search result.
  • Click the “Back” button on top of any server you are exploring to go back to the main search results.

Method #2: Use Top.gg

Top.gg is a website with a comprehensive list of all Discord public servers and bots. Top.gg contains all sorts of servers related to any category you can think of, and it even suggests the best ones join.

You can also add your server to Top.gg if you want. Here’s how to join a Discord server using Top.gg:

  1. Go to the Top.gg website on your browser.
  2. Click on the “Discord Servers” tab.
  3. Type the name of the server you want to join into the search bar on the main screen. You can also search by category or tags below the search bar.
  4. When you find the desired Discord server, click on it and press the “Join this server” button.
  5. A new window will open with an invitation to join the particular Discord server; click the join button.
  6. Complete the joining formalities, including accepting terms and conditions (if needed) to finish the process.

Now, you will become a member of that particular Discord server.

Method #3: Use Disboard

Disboard is a platform like Top.gg, where you can find Discord servers to join them.

  1. Navigate to disboard.org on your favorite browser.
  2. Insert the name or keyword of the server you want to find in the search bar. You can use categories and popular tags to search the specific servers under them.
  3. If you find the server you are looking for, click the “Join This Server” button.
  4. You will be redirected to Discord, where you can accept the invite link of the server and join it.

In this way, you will be able to join any public server without a link.

Final Words

Nothing is impossible in life, not even joining any public server without a link on Discord.

You can enter any public server by searching it through the “Explore Public Servers” option on Discord.

Similarly, you can use third-party websites like Top.gg or Disboard to search for any server and join it on Discord.


How can you manually join a Discord server?

Click on the “Add a Server” plus icon on your Discord main screen. Then, press the “Join a Server” button. Under the “Invite Link” bar, insert the link of a server or type it. Then press the “Join Server” button to join the particular server.

Why does Discord not let me join a server even through a valid invitation link?

A single user can join up to 100 servers on Discord. So, if you cannot join any server via a valid invitation link, then check whether you do not cross this limit.

Can you join a server with an expired invitation link?

No, you cannot join any server with an expired link. The invitation link is more likely to expire after passing a considerable time or after a specified number of uses (as fixed by the owner). You have to request the Admin to send you a new invitation link to be able to join the server.

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