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What Does WBY Mean on Snapchat

What Does Wby Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat users have a few abbreviations that they commonly use when talking to each other. Sometimes, these abbreviations can seem very confusing, especially for those who aren’t used to them.

Familiarizing yourself with these short forms can help you converse better with your friends. Not just that, but it can also make your conversations much more interesting. One such abbreviation is WBY. If you’re confused about what does WBY mean on Snapchat, then read more to find out!

What Is WBY?

WBY is an abbreviated version of what about you, or what ‘bout you?. It is casually used as an everyday Snapchat language to ask the other person about them. However, most people tend to use it as a casual greeting.

For people who don’t use slang to converse, WBY can seem quite confusing. The letter “B” is essentially used for ‘about,’ and hence, it can leave some people pondering what it means.

When To Use WBY on Snapchat?

WBY can be used in many ways. Here are some instances where you can use this acronym:

  • When you want to respond to someone, asking them the same thing that they asked you.
  • When you want to be polite to the other person and show concern.
  • When you want the other person’s opinion on something.

Common Examples of Use

Common Examples Of Using Wby

Here are a few examples that can better help you understand how to use the acronym.

Example 1

  • Person A: Hi, I’m wearing this red dress at the party. WBY?
  • Person B: Oh, I love it! I’m wearing my mom’s blue gown. Do you like it?

Here, person A uses “WBY” to ask person B about what they are wearing at the party.

Example 2

  • Person A: I think she really shouldn’t be doing that. WBY?
  • Person B: I think she’s doing the right thing.

Here, person A uses “WBY” to ask person B their opinion on what a particular girl is doing.

Does WBY Mean Anything Else?

WBY is most commonly used as a short form for what about you only. However, there are two other meanings too, but these are rarely ever used.

  • Wild Blue Yonder: This means the horizon, till where your eyes can see.
  • Wait, because you: This can be used as a starter for a lot of conversations.

Having said that, on Snapchat, “WBY” is used mostly for what about you.


Abbreviations are very common on social media applications, especially Snapchat. This is because they are very convenient to use. However, new users can sometimes find it hard to catch up.

WBY is an acronym commonly used for what about you. it is a polite way of asking the other person the same thing they asked you. There are two other meanings for it too, but the acronym is rarely ever used for those.

What does “MRP” mean on Snapchat?

“MRP” stands for manufacturer’s recommended price. When people sell things on Snapchat, they often tell others the price of a product.

What does “WTM” mean on Snapchat?

WTM” means what’s the matter. If you want to ask someone what happened, you can just use “WTM” instead.

What does “HRU” mean on Snapchat?

HRU” means how are you. Snapchat users commonly use this abbreviation to begin a conversation with someone.

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