How Do Streamers Mute Discord?

How Do Streamers Mute Discord

Most gamers rely on Discord for communication, and you can stream your game on Discord using a tool like OBS Studio.

When streaming, you want to ensure you mute Discord, such that you won’t get distracted while focusing on your game. This guide will guide you on how streamers mute their Discord.

Quick Answer

The first method is to use the streamer mode to mute Discord. Open your settings page on Discord, locate the streamer mode, and click on it. On the streamer mode section, enable the option to disable the sounds option. Secondly, locate the option for notifications on the user settings and toggle off the option for sounds to mute notifications. The two options are how streamers mute Discord.

We will dig in on two ways that streamers use to mute Discord. We will cover the steps to follow for each method, so you can try the two options and settle on the best method for your case.

Two Ways Streamers Mute Discord

When streaming using a tool like OBS, you should know how to mute Discord to avoid the distractions that come with Discord notifications or people communicating in a Discord channel. These disturbances can affect the quality of your live stream. To avoid this, let’s see how you can mute Discord when streaming.

Mute Discord via Streamer Mode

When you open OBS, the streamer mode will automatically get enabled. However, if you’ve disabled it, you should enable it to help mute your Discord when streaming.

  1. Open your Discord app on your desktop.
  2. Locate the gear icon at the bottom and click on it to open the “User Settings” page.
  3. Locate the “Streamer Mode” on the left sidebar and click on it.
  4. The settings for the Streamer mode option will open. Enable the option to “Disable sounds.”
  5. Next, locate the option to “Disable Notifications” and enable it.

With that, you’ve managed to mute Discord to enhance your streaming quality by avoiding distractions and notifications.

Mute Discord by Muting Its Notifications

This method of streamers muting Discord involves you muting your Discord notifications such that you won’t get notified about Discord activities, such as new DMs, when streaming. That way, you will focus on streaming.

  1. Open your Discord application and access your account.
  2. Locate the gear icon at the bottom. Click on it to open the “User Settings” page.
  3. Click on “Notifications” on the left sidebar.
  4. Locate the “Sounds” section.
  5. Next, select the sounds you want to disable and toggle them off.

With the two methods presented above, you’ve managed to mute Discord as streamers do when using a live-streaming tool like OBS and Discord.


When using Discord to stream, you want to avoid unnecessary distractions, such as noise from Discord channels or notifications for new messages. Besides, Distractions lower the quality of your streaming.

We’ve covered the two ways streamers mute Discord, including streamer mode and muting notifications. With that, you can use the method that favors you to mute your Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect OBS to Discord?

Open user settings on Discord and open the voice and video settings. Under the output device, check that your computer’s speaker is the audio source. Open OBS, select a scene, and then access the Audio Output Capture option. Select an audio device that you selected on Discord and set it as the audio device for OBS. That’s it.

How do I enable streamer mode on Discord?

Open Discord on your desktop and click the user settings icon at the bottom. On the settings page, click the option for streamer mode and disable the sounds option. Still, toggle on the option to disable notifications. You’ve managed to enable the streamer mode as one way of muting Discord when streaming.

How do streamers mute Discord?

Streamers use two main ways to mute Discord, muting notifications and enabling the streamer mode. Discord automatically enables the streamer mode when using OBS for streaming. As for notifications, you must access the notifications option on your user settings, select the sounds you want to mute, and then toggle them off.

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