Where Are Discord Sound Files Located?

Where Are Discord Sound Files Located

Knowing where sound files for your application are gives you room to customize the sound for the given application.

Besides, most applications have a graphical feature to let users change the sounds.

Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t give users this flexibility. There is no built-in option for changing sounds in Discord.

Worry less if you are stuck and wondering where to access the Discord sound files. This guide got your back.

Quick Answer

Discord doesn’t mention where you can find its sound files. However, there is a way of locating the sound files. The only problem is that the sound files don’t have an extension added to them. Open the C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\AppDara\Roaming\discord\Cache, and you will get hundreds of files, some of which are sound files. The hard part is that you must rename the files and try to play them to discover which are sound files.

We will cover the steps for locating the Discord sound files. Still, we will mention tips to find out which files are actual sound files among those displayed in the sound file folder.

Where Are Discord Sound Files Located?

Discord doesn’t disclose many details, including the location of its sound files.

It gets worse since Discord doesn’t have a built-in feature to support changing of sounds.

So, if you want to change the sound in Discord, your best option is to find the specific sound file for the sound you want to change and replace it.

The hard part comes in finding the sound files; even if you manage to find their location, the files are hundreds of them, and their naming doesn’t disclose which sound they represent.

Besides, not all of them are sound files. If you must change the sound in Discord, a convenient option is using BetterDiscord.

Before you give up on Discord, let’s see where the sound files are. The process of finding the sound files is done manually.

Also, the process only works on Discord desktop; in this case, we use a Windows computer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Run window by pressing the “Windows key + R” on your keyboard.Press Windows + R
  2. In the text box, type the “%appdata%” and press the “OK” button. Type %Appdata% In The Search Box.
  3. Once the folder opens, navigate to the “discord” folder by clicking on it.Search For The Discord Folder
  4. Next, find the “Cache” folder and click on it. Find And Tap On The Cache Folder
  5. Your final path should be “C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Discord\Cache.”Your Final Path C Users Your-User Name Appdata Roaming Discord Cache.

At this point, you’ve accessed the sound files for your Discord. Note that there are hundreds of files in the folder. Moreover, the naming of the files doesn’t hint which are sound files as they have no extension.

Here’s the trick, right-click on the file and rename it to give it a .mp3 extension. That way, you’ve made the file to be recognized as audio.

Next, try opening the file with an audio player of your choice and check if it plays.

If lucky, you will quickly find your target sound. Once you do, replace the file with the preferred sound file.

Note that you must rename your preferred sound file to match the exact name used by Discord and remove the extension.

Also, remove the initial file used by Discord to leave only the sound file you’ve added to replace it.

The main drawback with finding Discord sound files is that the naming doesn’t tell which file is for which sound file.

Again, renaming while testing all the files is tiresome and drains plenty of time. Sadly, that’s your only option if you want to change your Discord sound files.

If you can’t manage this hassle, consider using BetterDiscord, as it gives a better approach to finding the Discord sound files and replacing them with your preferred sound file.

Changing the Sound Files

Changing the sound files can mess up your Discord and easily crash it. So, only proceed if you must.


Discord is a reliable VoIP platform for linking and communicating with friends.

Besides, it comes with different sound files for different activities and notifications.

On the downside, it doesn’t allow users to customize the sound.

Your best option is to locate the Discord sound files and replace the target sound file with your preferred one.

This guide has detailed the process.

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