How To Not Be Dry on FaceTime

How To Not Be Dry On Facetime

FaceTime is fun only if you have what it takes to keep the conversation flowing. Unfortunately, many people go dry on FaceTime, creating a boring and awkward scenario. Although texting someone is easy than FaceTime, you still need to arm yourself with tips that ensure you don’t get dry on FaceTime. Otherwise, you will find yourself regretting making the FaceTime call.

Quick Answer

The first thing is to ensure you prepare for your FaceTime in advance. Think about the topics to talk about in your FaceTime and have excellent conversation starters that will spark the moment and create room for in-depth talking. Also, ensure you have a good background to add to your confidence. Moreover, plan to play games or watch a movie. Lastly, consider texting each other before FaceTime to have a hint of what you both enjoy doing.

We will cover FaceTime and why many people go dry on FaceTime. Later, we will discuss tips to ensure you don’t go dry on FaceTime. Let’s get started!

Understanding FaceTime and Why Your Conversation Is Dry

Many people are more confident and comfortable talking to each other via text. This scenario is because the text doesn’t allow people to see each other. However, Apple introduced FaceTime as a way to communicate via video call.

With FaceTime, you will interact with your loved ones or friends, discuss your topics, and create fun in different ways, provided you have an active internet connection. Although talking to each other on FaceTime sounds easy, many people end up in a dry conversation.

Dry conversations mainly occur due to a lack of something to keep the conversation flowing. Here are the common explanations why you face a dry FaceTime conversation.

  • You were unprepared to have the FaceTime call.
  • You have yet to get used to each other, especially when talking to a stranger.
  • Lack of good conversation starters in your communication.
  • Not having an activity that you can engage in.
  • Being uncomfortable due to your environment.
  • Not paying attention can disorient the smooth conversation and lead to a dry conversation.

If some of the above explanations sound familiar, worry less because we will discuss how to avoid such scenarios again.

How To Not Be Dry on FaceTime

We’ve seen why many people get dry on FaceTime. The main concern is eliminating this situation to avoid encountering a dry FaceTime conversation again. Take a look at some of the tips you should follow.

Plan Ahead

When you randomly engage in FaceTime, you will easily go dry in the conversation. However, you can avoid that by planning when to have your FaceTime call. For instance, you can request FaceTime with your friend over the weekend.

That way, you will be prepared for it, and your mind will be ready to share and engage in the conversation.

Get Conversation Starters

When you must keep a conversation flowing, you must maximize different conversation starters. For instance, you can discuss hobbies, movies, TV shows, food preferences, etc.

You will be ready to engage in FaceTime and never run out of topics by coming up with excellent conversation starters. With that, you won’t get frustrated by going dry on FaceTime.

Drop Formalities

Formalities affect conversations. When on FaceTime, you need to be free to talk. However, if you are in a formal mood, your communication is limited, and you will hesitate to speak your mind.

Thus, drop formalities by not focusing on greetings. Instead, get into the discussion to know each other and have fun.

Get a Good Environment

Your background matters. Your confidence is boosted when you make your FaceTime in a good background. That way, you won’t feel reluctant at any point in your conversation.

Watch a Movie

Many FaceTime users prefer watching a movie in the middle of their convo. When you agree on what movie to watch, you can use FaceTime to bond as you watch. You will feel like you are watching the movie while in the same room.

Play Games

Games are an excellent way to avoid getting dry on FaceTime. Moreover, games help drop formalities, get to know each other more, and keep you engaged and lively. So, find a game you are both comfortable playing and get into it.

Text Each Other Before FaceTime

It would be best if you communicated before FaceTime. The idea is to get to know each other and plan what to discuss when you meet on FaceTime.

Moreover, you will have sparked the mood via text, and when on FaceTime, you will be excited to talk to each other.


It is common for people to go dry on FaceTime. However, we’ve seen seven tips to help you remain comfortable and engaged during FaceTime. Try them out!

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