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Why Do People Unfriend on Facebook?

Why Do People Unfriend On Facebook

Are you on an unfriending spree on Facebook? Are you looking for fair-minded reasons to purge some of the friends on your Facebook friends list? Or perhaps you’re dealing with a sudden dip in your friend list. What could be the reason people unfriend their Facebook friends?

Quick Answer

Generally, people unfriend other users on Facebook for posting too much, being so vocal on polarizing topics, or posting awkward and inappropriate content. Some may do it because of excessive negativity or spreading spammy posts. Others do it because of a friendship that didn’t work out. Conflicting opinions on politics, religions or social issues may also force users to press the unfriend button.

Although it’s just a social media platform, being unfriended on Facebook can be traumatic. The first time a friend unfriended me on Facebook, I kept asking myself why they did it. I resorted to asking them why they unfriended me. I must have annoyed them with that question.

I wouldn’t want you to resort to asking your friends why they unfriended you. Continue reading the articles to see why Facebook users click the unfriend button.

Oversharing on Facebook

How often do you post on Facebook? Your Facebook friends may get annoyed because you post daily on Facebook. But that’s okay. It’s normal and acceptable. However, if you post each minute each day on Facebook, it crosses the tolerable to irritable online behavior.

Do you tend to post without thinking it through? Do you add more than four posts to your Facebook feed each day? How about your daily occurrence? Do you let your Facebook friends know everything you do throughout the day? No one wants to see what you had for breakfast or other mundane things like your school or work schedule.

If the likes and friends have shrunk, it’s a clear indication that you need to stop oversharing or overposting. A few people can tolerate people who overshare.

Fond of Polarizing Topics

People avoid controversial topics online, including on Facebook, due to the fear of losing relationships or jobs. Most of them avoid Facebook users who love posting controversial issues.

If you’re fond of posting sensitive political or religious posts, you may fail to connect with your Facebook friends. They may find your posts or comments offensive. Hence, adding sourness to your Facebook relationship. Always ensure your posts are politically or religiously neutral.

Correcting Other People’s Posts or Comments

Occasional corrections are okay. However, if you turn it into a habit, it becomes annoying. Correcting someone in public seldom makes friends stay. They’ll resent you.

Moreover, it’s unkind to keep rectifying others in public. And Facebook is a public platform. If it bugs you, do it through a DM. 

Posting Posts Full or Typos

It’s advisable to proofread your posts before posting them on Facebook. Your friends will unfriend you because of typo-packed content. Always edit your posts before posting them. Let your friends proofread your posts before publishing them on Facebook.

Bragging and Self-Absorption

Facebook users don’t like braggarts. There is a likelihood they’ll hit the unfriend button if someone keeps flooding their feed with self-absorbed or braggy posts. Studies have shown that people are likely to unfriend a Facebook friend who brags too much.

Don’t post your finances, achievements, or unwanted bragging on the platform. Don’t be an obvious braggart, undercover braggart, or self-absorbed braggy partner. 

Promotional Content

Bringing value to your friends and followers doesn’t mean you have to feed your news feed with excessively promotional content. If you blast your friends with posts about your product or brand, you risk losing many of your Facebook friends.

Share content about others or other things apart from your products or brand. Sparingly share content about your products.

Rarely Engaging With Others on Facebook

Everyone wants an interesting Facebook feed. If you rarely post or become tedium, you may lose friends on Facebook. Also, don’t keep posting irrelevant viral content just because you’re running low on ideas or your feed is empty.

Plan and create irresistible content for your Facebook friends. Make an effort to create informative and entertaining content

They’re No Longer Friends

A Facebook friend may unfriend you if you guys are no longer friends. It’s common to see Facebook users unfriending each other once they break up. They cut any physical or virtual ties connecting them. The disconnection often leads to hitting the Unfriend button.

Also, people drift away over time. You may have been friends while you were in school. However, you guys stopped communicating after finishing school. Therefore, people often prefer to unfriend Facebook friends they haven’t talked to in a while. If you’re weeding out your friend list, unfriend anyone you haven’t met face to face or talked with for the past three years.

Final Say

People have different reasons for unfriending their Facebook friends. Some do it because the friend is annoying or they share different political, social, or religious opinions. There are probably more reasons why people press the unfriend button. You might never know they unfriended you. But don’t dwell on that. It’s just a social thing. Instead, invest in your physical friends.

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