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What Does “Su” Mean on Snapchat

What Does Su Mean On Snapchat

We are living in a fast world. People don’t have time to meet each other, check on their old mates, or even text properly. A consequence of this rush is the growing use of strange social media acronyms like “BTW”, “LOL”, or “SU”. But not everyone is aware of their meaning. If you are wondering what “SU” on Snapchat exactly means, we have an answer for you.

Quick Answer

“SU” is an abbreviation with two different meanings. Most often, it is taken as “Swipe Up” and is used as a Call-to-Action (CTA). In slang terms, “SU” means “Shut Up” and is used in general conversations.

However, there is a proper way of using “SU” as “Swipe Up” on Snapchat. Also, do you know the exact pronunciation of SU? If not, let’s dig in to learn more about this new abbreviation!

“SU” Meaning on Snapchat

“SU” is used frequently on social media platforms (like Snapchat or Instagram) and dating apps (including Tinder). It is an abbreviation having two different meanings, which can be understood by the context they are used in. 

Popular Definition

A commonly used meaning of “SU” is “Swipe Up”. It is meant to trigger a response from the viewers. Both adults and teens use it on various platforms, mainly to guide someone to visit a website or access any content.

Less-Known Definition

Another known but slang abbreviation of “SU” is “Shut Up”. It is used in conversations to ask the other person to stop typing or as an exclamatory expression like “OMG!” (Oh My God!).

Snapchat is a Great Marketing Platform

As per data, Snapchat has over 319 million active users. Take it as a great opportunity to reach out to your potential customers. One way of doing this is to utilize the Swipe Up option in your snaps.

“SU” Pronunciation and Classifications

Since “SU” is an abbreviation, it is pronounced as separate letters – Ess Yuu. In fact, it is a type of initial abbreviation, i.e., an abbreviation in which each letter is designated a separate word. Unlike an acronym in which the abbreviation is pronounced as a single word.

When “SU” is used as “Shut Up”, it falls in the category of Interjection. Interjections are used to convey emotions or feelings. They can be used at the start of a sentence or as a standalone expression with an exclamation mark.

2 Simple Steps To Use “SU” on Snapchat

While using “SU” as “Shut Up” does not require any tutorial (all you need is to hate someone), using “SU” as “Swipe Up” means you want to increase interaction which requires basic understanding. Thus, for call-to-action purposes, you can add “SU” in snaps as follows:

Step #1: Attach a Link

To direct the users toward any content, start with adding a link to it. For this, launch Snapchat and capture a picture for your snap. On the right side, you will find several options. The second last option is to “Add links”. Tap on it and copy-paste the link to the website you want to share.

After previewing, click on the “Attach to Snap” tab. Now you will see the link option highlighted. This indicates that you have successfully added a link to your snap.

Step #2: Add a Swipe Up (“SU”) Sticker

You have successfully attached a link to your snap, but how will the people know about it? To inform people, you will need to add a call-to-action message, i.e., “Swipe Up”. To do this, look at the panel on the right side again. The third option in the list is to “Add stickers”. Click on it.

In the search bar on top, type swipe up or swipe. Several stickers will appear. To grab the attention of others, tap on one or more stickers of your choice.

Once done, send your snap to friends and family or add it to your story.

Did You Know

According to estimates, CTAs can increase the conversion rate by 120%. Thus, if you want to drive people to perform any desirable action, make sure to use CTAs wisely.

Sentence Examples of “SU”

When used as “Shut Up” and indicates surprise

  • Olivia: I went out with Ken last night.
  • Emma: SU!

When used as “Swipe Up”

  • Jack on his Snapchat story: Want to learn more about this product? Then SU.

Wrap Up

In brief, “SU” means either “Swipe Up” or “Shut Up”. Given the ever-growing popularity of Snapchat, one can use the platform effectively for marketing purposes. One key way is to learn to attach links and use swipe-up stickers properly. Hoping this post helped you learn the proper use of “SU”!

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