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What Does Raisin Mean on Snapchat?

What Does "Raisin" Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is a widely accepted social platform among teenagers and young adults. The application has remained a favorite since its inception among users for its spectacular features in instant messaging and quick capturing of special moments. Beyond the messages and snaps you see, there are hidden codes created by users that lie in fruit emojis.

Quick Answer

The raisin or chestnut emoji on Snapchat is a secret code for people in relationships. When you see a “raisin” in a person’s snap, display name, or message, the person is trying to tell you that they’re currently in a relationship with someone and they plan on getting married to that person. However, the raisin emoji is not the only fruit used in conveying relationship messages.

Several other fruit emojis are used on Snapchat to let you know the status of a person’s relationship. This article will go over the meaning of fruit emojis on Snapchat and other emojis that could indicate something in a person’s relationship.

Why Do People Use Fruits Emojis on Snapchat?

Generally, emojis were created to let you showcase an expression or describe an item without having to use words. But like everything else on Snapchat, some emojis have evolved to be utilized for other things. These other things are private messages about the lives of the Snapchat user that you must be well-oriented to know their meaning.

Some fruit emojis have been used to communicate sexual intentions, but in the less intense clime, they’re used to share private information about a person’s relationship status. To do so, the Snapchat user can include the emoji in their display names, use it as a caption on their partner’s photos, or send it as a message to you in case you inquire.

What Meaning Does the Raisin and the Other Fruit Emojis Have?

The raisin, as established earlier, is used to convey the information that the person using it wants to get married to their partner. The raisin is also used alternatively for the chestnut to relay this information. However, these two fruit emojis are the only ones with something to tell you about a person’s relationship status.

The option of so many fruits and coded messages make it easier for Snapchat users to give you better information than if they’re single, engaged, or in a complicated relationship. Without further ado, here are some other fruits and their meanings.

The apple is another popular emoji that tells you the person using it is already engaged with someone. A pineapple indicates the user is in a complicated relationship, and the banana tells you the user is married. An avocado says the user prides themselves as the better half in their relationship.

Cherries mean the person is in a happy relationship, a blueberry says the user is single, and the raspberry says the user does not want a committed relationship. A lemon means the Snapchat user wants to remain single, and the strawberry means the person can’t find the right partner.


You should note that a person posting an emoji does not necessarily imply they’re saying something about their relationships. As much as you know, the Snapchat user might just be craving that fruit.

Are There Other Emojis That Say Something About a Person’s Relationship Than Fruits?

Fruit emojis are not the only ones giving specific information about a person’s love life on Snapchat. There are also animal emojis that have been assigned a detailed code. These emojis include a horse, cheetah, whale, octopus, lion, rabbit, pig, bird, dog, frog, and mouse.

The horse is assigned the massage that the Snapchat user is likely single. A Cheetah says the person is in a relationship. A whale, octopus, or monkey expresses a complicated relationship. A lion means interested in somebody but not committed.

The rabbit is used to signify that the user hasn’t found the right partner, a dog says the user is not looking for a long-term relationship, the bird says the person is looking forward to getting married, and the frog says they’re married. The mouse says they’re the better half of the relationship.


These are some emojis with a meaning on Snapchat, and you know better than to bug someone with a raisin or apple emoji for a romantic relationship.

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