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How To Get Views on Snapchat

How To Get Views On Snapchat

First and foremost, let me explain why views are more significant on Snapchat than any other stat. Most people are only concerned with their score or the number of followers or friends. This isn’t as significant on Snapchat as you may think, and I’ll explain why. It makes no difference whether you have a million followers if they don’t see your content!

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So, let’s get down to business: how can you gain views on Snapchat? Not only must you have interesting and addictive content, but you got to be consistent with it, use a proper Snapcode, create premium excitement for your followers and give them value for their attention. You would organically increase the number of your views exponentially while doing the things that you love.

This might be puzzling, but do not worry; we have simplified the entire procedure so anyone can follow it and get more views on Snapchat. The following are ways that you can gain views on SnapChat.

How To Get Views on Snapchat

Here are six tips to get more views on Snapchat.

Tip #1: Mastering Using Snapcode

On Snapchat, your Snapcode is your profile picture. Unlike other social media platforms where you can easily search for usernames, you have a unique QR code for each account on Snapchat. This QR code doubles as your profile picture and a Snapcode. When friends take a picture of your Snapcode, they get to become followers, and they add to the number of your viewers on Snapchat. This is why it is important to share your Snapcode across your social networks.

It might be interesting to know that you can spice up your Snapcode by customizing it with the Snap Tag Editor. This allows you to select your favorite background and maybe change its image to your favorite Bitmoji or picture.

Tip #2: Be Consistent With Your Content

Get used to posting as frequently as possible. The rule is that there are no rules. Pump your stories with the spikiest and most exciting parts of your lifestyle — the more, the merrier.

This is because your stories are added to the scrolling feed of your followers, and the catchier your posts are, the more views they attract. And the more often you post your stories, the more frequently they appear at the top of your followers’ feed.

Tip #3: Create Valuable Content

This cannot be over-pressed. It is just simple enough to know that if you want to get your followers glued to your stories, give them what they like to see. Create excitement with colorful pictures and videos with exciting music.

Trigger their curiosity about you. Random Snaps, unexpected jams, living up to their fantasies, etc. Who says you have to be on Broadway before you become a celebrity? However, you should still tailor your content to what flows nicely with your target audience and promotes your brand. Blend information and education smoothly.

Tip #4: Use Captivating Pilots

When it comes to pushing phenomenal posts, nothing beats grabbing your followers’ attention with eye-catching pilot snaps. If you’re not familiar with this, you can binge through the “Take a look at accounts” of some of the best influencers on Snapchat and learn how they get away with this in their stories.

A handy tip to note is that your first story or pilot post has to ignite the desire to click on it, then you step up the vibe with the second and subsequent posts. You only have to create a small preview of your story and share the link on your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Usually, people that are your followers on those apps will follow you or would love to follow you on Snapchat too. So you can hit two birds with one stone.


Snapchat gets more exciting when your followers increase, and you get more views on your posts. And trust me when I say this: if you’re looking to boost your business ratings, Snapchat is the best place to be because it is always filled with newer and more exciting features to communicate with friends, family, and followers. Something you don’t want to miss out on.

Tip #5: Follow Back Your Followers

It may become tedious to follow back your followers as your follower count grows, but if you want to maintain that growth, you must follow back and make your followers feel valued for following you. It goes a long way towards building trust and real relationships.

Tip #6: Get Featured in a Snapchat Live Story

Post your Snap in a Snapchat Live Story to get it widely shared. For important events like the Super Bowl or presidential elections, Snapchat broadcasts a Live Story. This is just a collection of Snaps shot at the event by guests. Because these are available to everyone on Snapchat, your Snap will get a significant spike in views if yours is picked.


Snapchat is easily one of the fastest-growing social media platforms on the internet right now. With over three billion Snaps posted every day, majorly by folks between the ages of 15 and 24, you want to bring your A-game to stand out from the horde.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hold contests on Snapchat?

Snapchat, like other social media networks, allows you to host competitions through your profile. You may offer a special reward for the winner. This will increase the number of active followers on your profile while also attracting new ones. People are more likely to look at your photos if you organize competitions regularly. This is the most effective method if you want to keep your fans.

How can I avoid losing views on Snapchat?

You must not allow your content to drag on and on or become repetitive. Your Snaps have to feel new and be informative while you retain the exciting vibe they begin with. It is better if you post snaps that your followers can interact with. The more interactions you get, the more views you get too.

Can I buy Snapchat views?

You may buy hundreds or even thousands of views to get things started at a low cost. Following that, you could find it simpler to get organic views.

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