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What Does ONG Mean on Snapchat

What Does Ong Mean On Snapchat

If you recently started using Snapchat and have come across the phrase “ONG” and thought someone just misspelled OMG, you may be right. But there’s a high chance that you’re mistaken.

Here’s why.

Short Answer

ONG or ong is an acronym commonly used on Snapchat and across social media generally as a  shorthand for “On God.”

Social media has changed the way people communicate today. A while back, internet acronyms were few and obvious. And we all knew what each one meant. Today, everyone on Snapchat is in a hurry. No one wants to type words in full anymore. And that can get confusing for a newbie like you.

We are here to help you brush up on your Snapchat vocabulary, one word at a time.

Today, we will help you demystify ONG so that you will understand the origin of the phrase ONG, how to use ONG on Snapchat, and know the other possible meanings of ONG. Let’s dive in.

The Origin of the Acronym ONG

When you realize how common ONG is on Snapchat, you can’t help but wonder how long the phrase has been around. But an even more interesting question is where and how the term came into existence.

Well, the origin of ONG is not easy to trace. But the phrase came about just like any other acronyms on the internet today — for convenience.  

And it perfectly fits the more casual platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here, users are happier to write ONG than “I swear to God” as long as they convey their message.

But this need for convenience in communication didn’t apply to everyone. Babyboomers were already happy writing and communicating in full English words and sentences. The millennials and zoomers are more accepting of casual communication even when the name of God is involved (like in the case of ONG).

So, If the baby boomers don’t want to be left behind by the Snapchat wave, they have to learn and adapt to the acronym language.

So, let’s learn.

Key Takeaway

The origin of ONG is not easy to trace. But the phrase came about just like any other acronyms on the internet today — for convenience.

How To Use ONG on Snapchat

Now that you know what ONG stands for, it’s crucial that you also learn how to use it to communicate to the intended recipient of your messages.

Here are different situations where you can effectively use the acronym ONG.

To Express Honesty

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to emphasize the truth in what you are saying, you can add the acronym at the beginning or end of your sentence.

To know if you have used the ONG correctly in this case, replace it with “I swear to God.” It should make you sound sincere and honest. You will also note that the tone of voice is relatively severe.

Example #1: “ONG I did not send that screenshot to her. I would never do that to you.”

To express Humor

Two Dogs Laughing

You can also use ONG when you want the other person to see the humor in what you are telling them. Here the tone of voice is more relaxed and even humorous.

In this case, also, you can comfortably replace the acronym with the phrase “I swear to God.”

Example #2: “She spoke for almost 2hours and I just sat there like a zombie the whole time ONG”.

To Show Agreement, Approval, or Support

Need your friend to know that you agree with what he is saying or are in support of his idea without using many words? ONG will do that for you.

Example #3:

  • Friend: That girl rocked the show last night.”
  • You: “ONG 💯💯”

To Communicate That You Have No Control Over a Situation

Since you are human, there’s only so much you can do when facing a challenging situation. And that includes moments when your friends need you to come through for them. It’s hard to let them know that you can’t be of much help in such moments. But it’s honorable that you always tell them. Again, ONG got you.

Here you can replace the ONG with the phrase “On God.”

Example #4: “I can give you my revision materials but beyond that, the test is on you and ONG.”

Those are four ways that you can now show off to your teenage son or daughter the next time you chat with him/her on Snapchat.

But there is more to this rather obvious meaning of this acronym. The easiest way to tell which meaning is correct is by examining the context in which OMG has been used.

Let’s look at other possible meanings you might come across.

Alternative Meanings of ONG

OMG (Oh My God)

Surprised Little Girl

ONG can be misspelled as OMG and still make perfect sense in a sentence. Again, you will only be able to tell if it’s a misspelling by analyzing the context in which it’s been used.

Oh No Girlfriend

Here, ONG is used by people who mean to say OMG for “Oh my God” but prefer to say ONG for “Oh no, girlfriend” This meaning, however, is lost in history since it’s no longer commonly used.

Oh no God

For people who don’t believe in the existence of God, ONG for “Oh no God” is a perfect fit. The average person would say omg, “Oh my God,” in the same situation.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is all about communication, including the use of various acronyms.

As with every new social media platform, Snapchat users have developed a unique language of their own.

One point to make here is that if you are a newbie who is just stepping into the world of Snapchat, don’t get overwhelmed by the many acronyms. Instead, just have fun and learn as you go.

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