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How To Tag a User on Reddit?

How To Tag A User On Reddit

Reddit is a place for all those enthusiasts who want the freedom to express themselves and have an open discussion with people with similar interests.

Reddit is your gateway to everything new and exciting happening in the world.

Also dubbed as the front page of the internet, this social-sharing website is like a better, more interactive, and unrestricted version of a newspaper containing content on everything.

Naturally, if you find something interesting, you want others to join the conversation or share their opinions.

Tagging a fellow Redditor is one way to do it. But how to go about it?

Quick Answer

You can tag anyone on Reddit by typing “u/[any username you want to tag here]” in the comments or a post. The tag will create a link to their profile, and the mentioned person will receive a notification. Similarly, you can mention any community or subreddit by adding “r/[subreddit name]” in the comment or body of the post, which will create a clickable link to that community.

Let’s explore how to tag a Redditor and everything in between.

What Is Reddit?

If you somehow get past the overwhelming (a bit confusing) layout, joining Reddit can be the most wholesome experience.

It is one of the oldest social media platforms and is a social news website or forum that allows users to share any content freely in specific communities or subreddits.

Reddit has above 3.4 million subreddits (niche forums/communities) built around any particular theme or topic.

Reddit has its OG users called Redditors, who have sworn their loyalty to the platform and continue to do despite new social media platforms sweeping the floors.

Reddit can get baffling for new users because it has a little complicated interface.

When I joined Reddit, I encountered my share of confusion and gave up multiple times, but somehow, I stayed and never regretted that decision.

For you, you do not have to worry, as we are here to make things easier!

Today, we are focusing on how to tag a user on Reddit.

Tagging a User on Reddit

On Facebook, if you find something interesting and want to share it with someone else, you can tag them or mention them in a comment. Similarly, Reddit also allows its users to tag other users.

If you want others to become part of the conversation, you can tag them on Reddit in the comments. The tagged user can participate and share their two cents on the topic with this mention.

The process to tag any user is as simple as on Facebook or Twitter, yet different.

To tag anyone on Reddit — type the prefix “u/” before any username — write “u/[username].”

Tagging A User On Reddit

For example, if you want to tag someone with the username “Extra-Terrestrial101,” then you can tag this user as follows:


Please note that this username is purely fictional!

It will tag, or as the Redditors say, ping the user Extra-Terrestrial101 and act as a live link to their profile. It will serve as an invitation for them on your behalf to participate in the conversation.

Good To Know

When you tag a user, they will get a notification that they were pinged or mentioned in a comment. With this notification, the tagged user can take prompt action.

Some Important Pointers About Tagging on Reddit

Here are some essential pointers about Tagging on Reddit:

  • You can tag/ping/mention any user on Reddit in a comment in any post.
  • The user mentioned in the comment will get a notification.
  • For others, this ping/tag will turn into a link to their profile page, which other users can tap and visit.
  • You can tag up to three people in one comment; beyond three, you have to mention them in separate comments. 
  • You cannot tag anyone on the post title.

If you create a post title, add “u/[username]” along with other content on the body of the post, and post it, it will not tag the mentioned user

You can only tag any user in the comments. In the body of the post, with this exercise, you will only create a clickable link to their profiles. The mentioned user will not get any notification about the tag.

Tagging Subreddits

You can mention any subreddit in any community’s comments or body of the post. By such mention, you will create a link to that subreddit for others to click and check.

You can mention the community in your comments or the body of the post. The mentioned subreddit will not get any notification.

To mention any community or subreddit type — “r/[subreddit name].” It will create a clickable live link to that subreddit. Users can visit the community and possibly join if they find it interesting.


Make sure to mention any community relevant to the conversation.

For example, if the post is about mental health in a mental health-related community, then mentioning a gaming subreddit would be inappropriate. And people might downvote you, which will make you lose your karma.

The Quick Wrap up

If you want to make others part of the discussion or conversations on Reddit, you can tag or ping them.

This tagging is as simple as adding “u/” before any username in the comments section.

It will create a link to the tagged user profile, and the user will get a notification to participate.

Similarly, you can mention subreddits by adding “r/[subreddit name].”

Likewise, if you mention a user in the body of the post, it will only create the link to their profiles but not notify or tag them.

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