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What Does “frfr” Mean on Facebook

What Does Frfr Mean On Fb

There’s almost no end to the number of slangs you’ll encounter on social platforms. Most of these slangs started from abbreviations of words or acronyms of a sentence/phrase.

You might have seen some like “iykyk” and “idk”. These are internet slangs serving as acronyms for “if you know, you know” and “I don’t know”. Another popular acronym on Facebook and other social platforms is “frfr”.

Quick Answer

“Frfr” is an acronym for another slang coined from two words; “for real”. “For real” became a trending slang when rappers like 21 Savage, Young Nudy, and their crew made it popular in Atlanta. However, with the influence of the internet, it became a popular slang worldwide and has evolved to “for real for real” or its shorter form “frfr” for emphasis.

In a speech, you say the complete words “for real for real,” while in text, you use “frfr”. It’s primarily used to emphasize honesty or to let your listener know that you agree or relate highly with what they’re saying.

In this guide, we’ll go over how the slang came to be and in what contexts you use the slang.

How Did “frfr” Come To Be?

As established earlier, ‘frfr” was not the original slang. It was “fr”, which stands for “for real”. When celebrities started using it in their tweets, posts, and interviews, it became slang for everyone. As the world is more centered on direct messaging and texts, it only makes sense that the slang is tailored to fit texts, hence the birth of “fr”.

Over time, “fr” evolved in texts to “frfr”, meaning “frfr” as a way to emphasize honesty or agreement with someone. It’s not quite definite how “for real for real” became a permanent thing on the internet, but millions of people widely accepted and used it in texts.

How Do You Use “frfr” In A Chat On Facebook?

You can use “frfr” in a conversation, including emphasizing, being honest, or agreeing with somebody.

Using “frfr” To Emphasize A Point

Assuming you’re having a conversation with somebody and trying to convince the person that you love eating sandwiches. You can either go “I really love eating sandwiches” or “I really really love eating sandwiches“. If you use the latter, the recipient will be more convinced that you love eating sandwiches.

The same logic works with “frfr” when you’re trying to lay emphasis. You can say, “I frfr love eating sandwiches.”

Using “frfr” To Ascertain Honesty

You’ll mostly use “frfr” in a conversation to reinforce a point as already established. In a conversation like the one below, you’ll see its usefulness in implying sincerity or honesty over something.

  • John: Do you want to go to the pub this evening?
  • Anthony: No, John. I think I’ll sit at home and watch a movie.
  • John: That sucks! You’ll be missing a lot!
  • Anthony: Oh? Like what?
  • John: Well, for one, I heard Ed Sheeran is in town and might be visiting that pub. Oh, your crush, Stephanie, also said she’d come too.
  • Anthony:  Are you serious??
  • John: Frfr bro. You do not want to miss this because of a movie you can see later!

In that conversation, John has just assured Anthony that Ed Sheeran and his crush might be in the pub, prompting him to come along.

You can also use “frfr” to relate or agree with people on something as much as you can use it to reinforce a point or imply honesty.

Using “frfr” To Relate Or Agree With A Person

Using “frfr” to relate with a person tells them you agree with their point of view on things the way they do. It’s 100% effective in texts, and it goes like this in a conversation:

  • Andre: Yo! Did you try the chocolate cake I brought home yesterday?
  • Wayne: Oh my! Yes! It was sooo good!
  • Andre: I know right! It had me wishing I got two instead of one.
  • Wayne: Frfr. I wouldn’t mind having a whole one to myself!

Andre and Wayne agree strongly about how good the cake was in this conversation.


Now you know the contexts in which you can use “frfr” with this guide. To avoid being misunderstood or misinterpreted, you should use it with your friends.

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