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How To Find Your Most Famous Follower on TikTok

How To Find Your Most Famous Follower On Tiktok

It’s normal to get curious about your most famous follower on TikTok.

With TikTok, you can easily grow your followers over time, and who knows who might be following you on TikTok? Perhaps it’s a famous movie star or celebrity.

Besides, being famous can mean having the most viewed video or having a great follower list. It all depends on what’s your definition of famous.

So, how can you find the most famous follower on TikTok?

Quick Answer

If you define famous in terms of the number of followers, you must go through each of your followers, searching for the one with the highest following. However, if famous is on the grounds of someone with the most viewed or liked video, you can filter their videos to see the one with the most views. Lastly, if fame is based on them being verified and having a blue tick on their profile, you must go through all your followers, checking each.

We’ll cover the three metrics for finding your most famous follower on TikTok. Besides, we will see how to combine them to yield the most accurate result. This guide also covers the difference between following and followers on TikTok and concludes with the frequently asked questions about TikTok follows. Let’s dive in!

Understanding TikTok Followers and Following

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok may get quite confusing initially when using its user interface, but that shouldn’t scare you.

You will soon get a hold of it and understand all its settings and functionalities. You can access your following and follows from your profile.

Your following are the people you follow on TikTok, and you can easily view the list by navigating to your following on your TikTok profile.

On the other hand, the people who follow you on TikTok are your followers; in this case, we are trying to find the famous person following you.

It gets better when someone follows you, and you follow them back as TikTok categorizes them as your TikTok friends. That comes with some benefits as you can easily interact with your friends than your followers or following.

Now that we understand the differences let’s proceed with how to find your most famous follower on TikTok.

Tips to Find Your Most Famous TikTok Follower

The bad news is that TikTok doesn’t offer users a feature or way of viewing their most famous followers. However, you can manually find your most famous followers using various tips.

Note that your understanding of “famous” plays a key role here. You can consider three metrics: a blue tick on their profile, the most viewed videos, and the number of followers. Let’s get into the details.

Finding Your Most Famous Follower Based on Their Verified Status

Are you verified on TikTok? Here’s the kicker: TikTok verifies specific users based on the growing size of their account, and if someone is verified, it’s right to say that they are famous.

When verified, TikTok adds a blue tick next to their profile. I am sure you’ve seen the blue ticks on people’s profiles.

The tip is to manually go through your follower list, searching for verified people. Hopefully, they are your most famous followers.

The problem comes in when you have multiple verified people. What then? How do you rank them? Stick around, and we will discuss how to go about it.

Finding Your Most Famous Follower Based on Their Total Followers

With this tip, the assumption is that if an account has many followers, it is famous. After all, getting a large follower list on TikTok is not obvious; you need fame or uniqueness to achieve that.

The numbers count, and you can combine this method with the one discussed above in that if someone is verified, you again check their total followers to rank the most famous.

Here’s the deal: start by finding verified people. Next, manually check each of their accounts and analyze who has the greatest number of followers.

The method is quite a hassle, but unfortunately, that’s the way to go. Hopefully, you will land your most famous follower eventually.

Finding Your Most Famous Follower Based on Their Most Viewed Video

We can also check their videos’ views to boost the two tips discussed above. If someone is famous, it means they have a great follower list, are verified, and their videos get the most views, right?

Therefore, if we can check who amongst your verified followers has videos with the most views, we conclude they are your most famous followers.

Again, there is no direct way of analyzing who has the most views for their videos. Luckily, there is a Chrome extension that does the magic.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your laptop and search for the Sort for TikTok extension.Search For The Sort For Tiktok Extension
  2. Once it shows up, click the “Add to Chrome” button to install it.Click The Add To Chrome Button
  3. Confirm to install the extension by clicking the “Add extension” option when prompted.Click The Add Extension Option
  4. Once added, the extension will automatically be activated.The Extension Will Automatically Be Activated
  5. Open a new tab on Chrome and open tiktok.com.Open Tiktok.com
  6. Log in to your account and navigate to the verified account that we are targeting.Log In To Tiktok Pc
  7. Ensure you are on their profile page where the videos are.Visit The Profile Page Where The Videos Are
  8. At the top of your browser, click the extension installed earlier and the “Start” button once it loads.Click The Extension And Tap The Start Button
  9. The extension will sort the videos of that account from the most viewed to the least.The Extension Will Sort The Videos

Once sorted, you can check the views for their most popular video. Repeat the same for the various accounts you are comparing. That’s it; the one with the most views is your most famous follower.


Knowing who your most famous follower is on TikTok is not obvious.

Nonetheless, we covered the various tips you can use to simplify the task.

Hopefully, using the three tips covered, you will easily know who is your most famous follower on TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get verified on TikTok?

Getting verified depends on your followers and how engaged you are on TikTok. Therefore, there is no specific way, but if your account grows steadily, you will soon be verified.

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