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What Does “H/T” Mean on Twitter?

What Does H T Mean On Twitter

Are you at home with Twitter abbreviations? People use plenty of abbreviations when they want to imply different things, and understanding what each abbreviation means helps you stay on board in the conversation.

If you are trying to understand what “H/T” means on Twitter, you are in the right place, as this guide ensures you understand what it means by the end of it.

Quick Answer

When someone wants to share something and attribute it to someone else, they use the “H/T” abbreviation, which stands for “Hat tip”. The abbreviation is your way of appreciating someone who helped you come across a given content or who shared the content initially.

We will dive into understanding “H/T” on Twitter and give examples of how you can use it and what it means when used on Twitter. Also, we will discuss other Twitter abbreviations that you should know. Let’s begin!

Why Do People Use Abbreviations on Twitter?

You are guaranteed to find more abbreviations when using Twitter. Some use it as a shorthand for long sentences. Others use it to save on the number of characters when composing a tweet.

Generally, Twitter is not meant for drafting long tweets, and the best way to pass a message is by using abbreviations. In that case, you attain brevity while achieving your aim of using the abbreviation.

What Does “H/T” Mean on Twitter?

“H/T” on Twitter stands for “hat tip”. It is a polite way of nodding to a person when sharing something they originally shared. Therefore, it acts as a polite way of acknowledging someone for their work, such that when someone views your tweet, they can know who originally shared it.

In other words, “H/T” is used when you want your audience to know that what you share is courtesy of someone else who brought it to your attention.

For instance, someone can tweet a meme or video and, in the description, add, “H/T @mikecate”. In such a case, the person acknowledges that the tweet they have shared is thanks to the tagged Twitter user who initially posted or directed them to it.

Similarly, someone can tweet, “Hey, you should check this networking article <article-link>. HT @kikdosty“. In this case, it instructs the viewers to check out the linked article, which the tweet owner came across thanks to the mentioned Twitter user, @kikdosty.

So, the next time you see someone’s tweet with “H/T” included, know they are acknowledging the mentioned person.

Other Twitter Abbreviations

There is no end to the list of abbreviations you can find on Twitter and other social platforms.

Let’s check out common abbreviations used on Twitter:

  • #FF – stands for “Follow Friday” and is mainly used when people give shoutouts to other users for their audience to follow.
  • MM – It is commonly used on Mondays where people tag the music they are listening to or the artist in the “Music Monday” vibe.
  • TIL – When someone learns something on a given day, they can mention what they learned using the abbreviation to stand for “Today I learned”.
  • TQRT – stands for “thanks for the retweet” and is used when someone appreciates another for retweeting something.
  • SMH – It is used when someone is expressing some disbelief and uses the abbreviation to mean, “shake my head”.
  • RT – Used when someone retweets someone’s tweet. Adding “RT” is your way of saying you’ve retweeted something.

By now, you understand the commonly used abbreviations on Twitter, and when you encounter them, you will know what they mean in the given context.


“H/T”, when used on Twitter, is someone’s way of acknowledging another person who initially shared something they are currently tweeting or sharing.

This article has explained what “H/T” means in detail and presented other common abbreviations which you can find being used on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “H/T” on Twitter?

“H/T” means “hat tip” and is used when someone wants to mention someone who originally shared something or led them to find what they are currently sharing. It acts as a thoughtful way of acknowledging someone and their effort.

Can I use “H/T” on TikTok?

Yes, you can. Here’s the thing, “H/T” can be used on any social media platform to acknowledge someone, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Is “H/T” the same as tagging someone on Twitter?

No, there is a difference. Tagging someone is your way of mentioning them such that the tweet may appear on their home page and for people to click on the generated link to their Twitter profile. However, “H/T” is your way of acknowledging someone and is used alongside tagging someone.

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