What Does CTRL Rap Do Discord?

What Does Ctrl Rap Do Discord

Discord is not like any other chatting platform. It has many functionalities and features you need to learn for a profound user experience.

So, people were excited to learn that they could enjoy music with their friends without joining any dedicated rap channels or adding any bot by using one hotkey that becomes a viral meme on Reddit and others.

The alleged hotkey is “CTRL + Rap.” It claims to do the magic when you press it on Discord. Do you want to know what happens when you use it?

Quick Answer

The idea is to hold the “CTRL” key and type “Rap” on your Discord, and it will play a cool song for you to enjoy with your friends. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to use this, it does not play any music. The only thing it does is refresh your Discord app.  

There are many ways you can listen and rap freestyle on Discord. Is “CTRL + Rap” a keyboard shortcut to do that? Let’s find out in this article!

CTRL + Rap | Is This a Keyboard Shortcut To Rap on Discord?

Discord Easter Eggs are hidden tricks the Discord developers embedded in the app. These are concealed, but many people have decoded these neat fun tricks. You can enjoy these hidden tricks on the Discord desktop client or mobile app.

Today, we are on to something that has the potential to become the new Easter Egg of Discord.

You must have seen a meme making the rounds if you are on Reddit. Many people shared this GIF with their friends as it tells you some Discord keyboard hotkey.

Here some crazy muscular dude is wearing headphones and grooving to the music. It stated that if you hold “CTRL” and type “Rap” on Discord – Discord will automatically play some cool song for you.

If you came across this GIF and did try it on your Discord, then I am sure you must be wondering if you are doing something wrong. Well, you aren’t! Unfortunately, this keyboard key is not the Discord Easter egg you seek.

No matter how hard you try, this does not play any music for you, even after joining any voice channel or adding any music bot. The only thing that it will do is refresh your app because you are using the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + R” (R from typing “Rap”). Your Discord screen will go blank and re-open if you use this hotkey.

What Does Ctrl Rap Do Discord

So, the gist is that it will not play any music or rap for you if you use this keyboard shortcut – it is no legit hotkey. So, do not build your hopes high!


If you want to rap with your friends on Discord, join any server like “The Freestyle Club.” You can have rap freestyle with friends and even battle with them. Alternatively, you can listen to others’ work from any source.

Some Popular Discord Easter Eggs To Try

Trick #1: Discordo

Try this neat trick to hear the “Discordo” sound when launching your Discord app. Press the Discord home button “16 times” to play the “Discordo” sound. Now, every time you open the app, this audio will play.

Trick #2: Music Notes

Hold “CTRL” and press “/” on the Discord Windows client. Now, press any keyboard arrow (left, right, up, or down) to play the music notes.

Trick #3: Video Game

Again hold “CTRL” and press “/.” Now, type “H + H > right-arrow > N+ K.” Your Discord screen will start flickering with animation from the Street Fighter video game.

There are plenty of others that you can try. Do check this video to get some neat Discord tricks on your sleeves.

Good To Know

You can use any music bot like FredBoat to play music for you and your friends on any voice channel after inviting it and using the desired command.


If you came to this article after knowing “CTRL + Rap” keys in anticipation of getting your hands on some cool hidden Discord keys, we are sorry to disappoint you.

It is no hidden trick. This thing does not even work on Discord the way it claims.

As per the meme, if you hold “CTRL” and type “Rap” on Discord, it will play some music. In reality, it does not. The only thing it does is that it refreshes your Discord app.

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