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What Does “CFS” Mean on Instagram?

What Does &Quot;Cfs&Quot; Mean On Instagram

Slang terms are used on every social media platform. On Instagram, you will find slang terms that mean various things, and you will feel left out unless you can keep up with each term. Are you curious about what “CFS” means when used on Instagram? This guide will give you an answer to what it means; keep reading.

Quick Answer

Keeping up with the slang language used on various platforms is not easy. If you’ve seen “CFS” on Instagram, it means “Close Friends Story.” It used to mean the close friends Instagram feature that allows users to create a list of their close friends, and when creating an Instagram story, you can choose only to make it visible to your “CFS” and not the general public. With “CFS,” you can create a private Instagram story.

This guide dives deep into understanding what “CFS” on Instagram means. Furthermore, we will see how you can create a “CFS” on Instagram and add users. Next, we will see how to create an Instagram story for your “CFS” only.

What Does “CFS” Mean on Instagram?

When creating an Instagram story, you can choose to send it to Your Story for everyone to see or create a close friends list and send it to them instead. Instagram offers a close friends feature where you can create a list and add your close friends.

When you want to create a private Instagram story, you can add people to your close friends’ list and choose to share the story with them. So, you might get a DM that says, “Hey, why not add the group as your CFS and share the pictures?”

Here, the sender is requesting you to add the group members as your close friends on Instagram, and when creating your Instagram story, you set them as the audience.

How To Use “CFS” on Instagram

Not everyone you follow or that follows you on Instagram is your friend. Therefore, not every story should be visible to everyone. Having an inner circle is possible using the close friends feature on Instagram.

Here’s how to create your Instagram CFS:

  1. Open the Instagram app and access your account.
  2. Locate your profile icon at the bottom and click on it.
  3. On your profile page, click the menu button at the top.
  4. Click on the close friends from the menu that appears.
  5. Type the name of the person you want to add in the search field.
  6. Once you find them in the search results, click the circle on the right to tick it.
  7. Click the Done button at the bottom.

You can add multiple people to your CFS using the same steps above, and once your close friends’ list is ready, we can see how to create a private Instagram story only visible to the CFS.

Here’s how to create a CFS Instagram Story:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. On your homepage, click the plus icon at the top and select Story in the dropdown menu.
  3. The create story Instagram page will appear. Click the Story option at the bottom.
  4. Upload what you want to post or use the camera to capture a picture or record a video.
  5. Edit your post by adding filters and texts.
  6. Once done, click the Close Friends button at the bottom.

Your Instagram story will be posted, but only the people in your list of close friends can view it, as it won’t be available to the general public.


“CFS” is an excellent Instagram feature that allows you to create a private Instagram story visible only to your close friends. This post has explained what “CFS” means on Instagram, how to create a list of your close friends, and post an Instagram story to your “CFS.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CFS on Instagram?

CFS stands for close friends on Instagram. It is a feature introduced by Instagram to allow people to create a list of their close friends with whom they can share an Instagram story. Anyone can create a CFS; when you do, the people you add won’t get notified that you’ve added them. However, others can’t see an Instagram story posted to your CFS.

When Should I Use CFS on Instagram?

 The CFS is best applicable when you want to create something private and don’t want the public to view it. In that case, you can create a list of your close friends. Once you create your Instagram story and when selecting the audience, select “Close Friends”; once you’ve posted it, anyone outside your list won’t see your story.

How Do I Add People to My CFS?

Open your Instagram account and click on your profile icon at the bottom to open your profile page. Once you do, click on the menu icon and select the settings option. Next, click “close friends” and add your close friends by searching for them and ticking the round button at the right, then click “Done.”

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