What Does “Cancelled Call” Mean on FaceTime?

What Does &Quot;Cancelled Call&Quot; Mean On Facetime

FaceTime is a feature Apple provides to allow its users to chat via audio and video communication in real time. When connecting with someone via FaceTime, your call can get cancelled, and when you don’t understand why this is happening, you can get confused. You probably think someone has blocked you or that other reasons are the cause, which may not be the case.

Quick Answer

A cancelled FaceTime call can occur due to various reasons. It could be the recipient didn’t pick up the call or rejected answering it. Still, it could be an issue with your network, or you hunged up before the receiver picked up the call. In that case, the receiver will find a missed FaceTime call and may call you back. Moreover, if the other person has turned on airplane mode, your call will get automatically cancelled.

This guide covers what it means when a FaceTime call gets cancelled. We will also see tips on detecting when someone declines your FaceTime call and answer questions regarding cancelled calls on FaceTime.

What Does “Cancelled Call” Mean on FaceTime?

Apple lets people connect with their friends using FaceTime on their iPhones or iPad. You can initiate a FaceTime call, and unlike normal calls, FaceTime has a longer duration before it disconnects when no one receives it.

While making a FaceTime call, it can get cancelled. Still, it could be that you were away from your phone and found someone tried to reach you via FaceTime and found the call cancelled. If you don’t know why your FaceTime call got cancelled, it’s time we explained the details.

To initiate a FaceTime call, you must have the FaceTime app on your end and that of the person you want to call. Once the two devices have FaceTime enabled, you can initiate the FaceTime call.

If your call gets cancelled, here is why this could happen.

Network Error

FaceTime requires an internet connection to connect. When you call someone, and either you or they experience an issue with the network, the FaceTime call will likely get cancelled due to the network error. If that happens, troubleshoot your network or verify that you have an active data subscription.

You Cancelled the Call

When calling someone on FaceTime, you could hang up before they pick up the call. This happens when you didn’t intend to call that person or when you get a change of mind about the call. In that case, hanging up will display a cancelled FaceTime call. If the call was a mistake, you could message the receiver to avoid them calling you back, as they may find a missed FaceTime call on their end.

The Receiver Didn’t Answer the Call

If the receiver is away or declines to pick up your FaceTime call, their phone will ring for some time until the call gets cancelled for not getting answered. In that case, your FaceTime call will get cancelled, and you can consider calling later or waiting for the person to call you back.

The Receiver Declined or Blocked the Call

Someone can decide to decline or block your FaceTime when they are not interested in picking it. It could be that someone is in a meeting or held up, and picking up the FaceTime call is not convenient. You can click the decline button when you don’t want to pick up the call or turn off your network connection which also cancels FaceTime.

The above are the common explanations when your FaceTime call gets cancelled.

Signs of Someone Declining Your Call

Declining a FaceTime is not rude. You may be unable to pick up the call or have other reasons for not receiving the call at the moment. Below are the signs that someone declined your FaceTime.

  • If you called someone and the call got cancelled, yet after calling again, it goes through and gets cancelled, they are likely declining your call.
  • Also, if you are chatting with the person on another platform, yet your call gets cancelled or declined for not getting received on FaceTime, they are ignoring it.
  • If the person is online, but when you FaceTime them, the call gets cancelled after a few seconds, they are probably declining it by turning on airplane mode.

If you notice someone is declining your call. Try calling them again later. They may be unable to pick it up at the moment. Besides, you can wait for them to call you back instead, as they will find your missed call when they access their phone.


FaceTime is an excellent way of connecting with friends. You can easily dial someone’s number and connect them with FaceTime. If the call gets cancelled, there are various reasons why this could be happening. We’ve presented the possible cause of FaceTime getting cancelled, and hopefully, you now understand why your FaceTime gets cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do FaceTime Calls Get Cancelled?

It could be a network error or someone declining or blocking your calls. Also, if you called someone and immediately hung up, that’s another cause of the call getting cancelled.

Does FaceTime Being Cancelled Means Someone Has Blocked Me?

If someone has blocked you, your FaceTime calls will get cancelled. However, that’s not the only reason why your FaceTime calls are getting blocked. Therefore, it’s not a direct guarantee that the person has blocked you.

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