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What Does “Asl” Mean on Instagram?

What Does &Quot;Asl&Quot; Mean On Instagram

If you’re not up-to-date with the slang used on social platforms, you’ll get easily lost in a conversation, especially with the younger generation. Over the years, more abbreviations have been coined from sentences, words, and pronunciations to fit the modern texting style of social platforms. You might have seen “asl” on Instagram and have wondered what it means.

Quick Answer

“Asl” is coined from the pronunciation of two words, “as hell.” The meaning of the slang differs in contexts as it can be used to place emphasis, make an exaggeration, and show anger, among a few other contexts. It can also mean “age, sex, and location?” as commonly used in getting to know people on social platforms and dating sites.

This article will take you through the meanings of “asl” and in what contexts the meanings apply.

How Is “Asl” Used for “As Hell” on Instagram?

You might have encountered the slang “as hell” a couple of times in movies. Usually, the slang is used in anger or frustration at something. However, with the dynamics of the internet and the evolution of slang, its usage has surpassed that to express frustration or anger at something. These are some ways we’ve known “Asl” to appear in a text.

“Asl” Used as a Compliment

This might be surprising, but “asl” is now commonly used as a compliment on Instagram and several other platforms. You can use “asl” to compliment a person you think looks excellent as a comment on a photo or a message.

Suppose a crush of yours or your lover posts a photo; depending on how you two communicate; you can use “asl” in the following instances.

  • You’re fine asl!
  • That skin is glowing asl!
  • Your derriere is phat asl!
  • You’re sexy asl!
Use Within Close Friends

The use of “Asl” in these comments is highly informal and should be used only with people you know won’t mind. You don’t want to come off as uneducated or rude to someone you’re only trying to compliment.

“Asl” Used To Lay Emphasis

When trying to convince someone about something, you can try using “asl” in a text to help. The use of it can go in this way:

  • Hans: Bro. Have you seen the new aquarium the school built? People keep saying it’s big.
  • Billy: Big is an understatement, bro. That aquarium is huge asl!
  • Hans: Wow. That big?
  • Billy: I swear to God, bro.

In this conversation, Billy has convinced Hans that the aquarium is indeed as big as people say, if not bigger.

Exaggerate Something

Using “asl” to lay emphasis can also be linked to its use to exaggerate something. “That corndog is huge asl” does not mean someone can’t fit it into their mouth or finish it in a few bites.

“Asl” To Express Frustration or Anger

In heated conversations, “as hell!” has been used to express anger or disagreement at another person’s statement. That use is also found in chats using “asl.” To put it in better context, here’s an illustration of it.

  • Ginny: You went behind my back to get the contract?!
  • Kylie: Yes, I did. You were clearly not showing interest in it, and I needed the money.
  • Ginny: What?! I wanted it. Besides, you have no right! It was mine!
  • Kylie: Asl it was! It was a contract; whoever wanted it and was qualified was given it! I don’t care what you think!

How “Asl” Means “Age, Sex, Location” on Instagram

“Asl” can also mean “Age, Sex, Location” in a chat with someone you’re just getting to know. A way to differentiate this meaning from the previous is that this “asl” should stand alone without attachment to any sentence. When a person sends you “asl?” they want to know if they’re not having a conversation with a minor and if you’re close to where they live.

It’s used chiefly on dating platforms but isn’t beyond being used in a chat on Instagram.

What Other Meanings of “Asl” Are There?

There’s another meaning of “asl” we know in the academic context: “American Sign Language.”


These are the meanings of “asl” on Instagram and other social platforms you might find them. Stay updated and keep this slang away from professional settings!

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