How To Show Games on Discord

How To Show Games On Discord

Discord enables users to display the game they are playing to other users. Thus, people can join your channel and gain tips on how you play a given game.

But the feature for displaying games does not show automatically on Discord. If you are wondering how to show games you are playing on Discord, read this guide!

Quick Answer

It is easy to show games on Discord by enabling the activity status and selecting the game. Open Discord settings, go to “Activity status,” and enable the button to “Display current activity.” If the game you are playing does not show to Discord, add it manually to your Discord library.

Showing games on Discord is a convenient feature that lets users have fun on the platform. The post has explained how to start showing games on Discord if you don’t know how to achieve it.

Why It Is Important To Show Games on Discord?

The Discord status feature is suitable; since it was added, it has made the platform more interactive. People join such platforms mainly to connect with new people, and the feature has ensured that.

When you show a game on Discord, some people approach you to play with you. That way, you will get to meet incredible people with the same interest as you.

When you show the games you play on Discord, it is like announcing what you love doing to people. In doing so, there is a likelihood that you will get invited to channels that have players like you, enabling you to connect with pros and level up your game.

How To Show Games on Discord

Discord allows users to show their friends the games they are playing to make the platform enjoyable. With the feature, once a user sees the game you are playing, they can request to join your channel and join the game if it is multiplayer. The following are the steps when you want to show games on Discord.

  1. Open Discord and log in.
  2. Next to your username, click the gear icon.
  3. Scroll the left menu and find the Activity Privacy option.
  4. Enable the “Display the current activity as a status message” option.
  5. Start a game on your computer and wait if Discord will detect it.
  6. If no game is detected, add a game you want to show on Discord manually.
  7. Click the “Add It” link below the “No Game detected” status.
  8. Click the drop-down menu to add the game you wish to show on Discord.
  9. Click the “Add Game” button to complete adding the games.

After you finish the above steps, you will realize Discord will start showing the game you are playing on Discord beside your username. You can confirm it by opening a given channel and seeing it beside your username.

How To Stop Showing Games on Discord

You can easily disable the feature when you no longer want to broadcast the game you are playing on Discord. You need to open the User Settings and disable the Activity status as indicated below.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Open “User Settings” by clicking on the gear icon.
  3. Find the “Activity Settings” section and click on “Activity Privacy.”
  4. Disable the activity status button.


The show games feature on Discord has made it easy for users with the same interest to meet and play. If there is a game you want to show on Discord and don’t know how to achieve it, this guide has explained the steps.

Moreover, if you realize the game you want to play is not showing, read the guide on how to add it manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if a game doesn’t show on Discord?

It is normal to find out that the game you want to show on Discord is not listed. When you realize that, you can manually do it using the “Add it” link below “No Game detected.” Use the drop-down menu to select a game you want to show.

How can I show a game I Am playing on Discord?

You can broadcast your game on Discord when you turn on the activity status feature. The feature enables you to tell your fans what you are doing, including the music you are playing. When you turn on the feature, the game you are playing may be detected automatically or require you to enable it manually.

Can I show the music I am playing on Discord?

Yes. You can show Discord users the music you are listening to and invite them to listen when you have connected Discord with music-playing platforms. You can connect Discord with YouTube or Spotify, and once you do so, enable the activity status option and start playing music on a suitable platform.

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