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Why Does Someone’s Picture Disappear on Messenger?

Why Does Someone's Picture Disappear On Messenger

We can connect and communicate with a friend via Messenger. While using Messenger, you can view someone’s profile picture and stories and even chat or call them to catch up.

Messenger is part of Facebook and is designed to offer convenience in chatting. While using Messenger and noticing someone’s profile picture has disappeared, you may get curious about what caused this and what it means.

Quick Answer

There are different explanations for why someone’s profile picture disappeared on Messenger. If someone deactivates their profile, their Messenger profile picture will disappear. Still, if that person blocks you on Facebook and Messenger, you won’t see their profile picture. Moreover, if someone decides to remove their profile picture and doesn’t replace it with another, you will notice his profile picture has disappeared.

You can change your Messenger profile at any time. This guide explains why someone’s profile picture disappears on Messenger. While at it, we will discuss how to know if someone has locked you on Messenger. Let’s begin!

Why Does Someone’s Profile Picture Disappear on Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a platform that connects friends to communicate and view each other’s stories. You can add a profile picture on Messenger to let people recognize you, especially strangers who want to message you.

When you are used to seeing someone’s profile picture on Messenger, and it suddenly disappears, you will get confused about what this means. Has the person blocked you? Have they deleted their profile? To help clear the air about what it means when someone’s profile disappears on Messenger, we will present three explanations. Take a look!

A Deactivated Account

Messenger will only show your profile picture if your account is active. However, your profile picture will automatically disappear if you no longer want to use Messenger and decide to deactivate your account.

Messenger is linked with Facebook. So, if you deactivate your Facebook account, your Messenger will become inactive, and people can’t interact with your profile. If you suspect your friend has deactivated their account, try reaching them via Facebook to see if their profile is available or whether they are posting to their timeline.

Moreover, you can message them via other platforms or call them to check in on them. You can ask them what happened to their Messenger profile picture. Your friend could be having a hard time and decide to take a break from social media.

You’ve Been Blocked

When someone’s Messenger profile suddenly becomes unavailable, it could signal that they have blocked you on Messenger and/or Facebook. When someone blocks you, it’s a way of cutting you off and denying you room to interact with their profile, including seeing their profile picture.

When blocked, you can’t find it even when searching for that person’s profile on your Facebook or Messenger. To know if someone has blocked you, message them and see if your message will get delivered. Still, use another account to check if they are active on Facebook, such as uploading their stories.

Moreover, you can use a Facebook DP Viewer and type the target person’s username. If their profile appears and you can see their profile picture, it means they have blocked you. However, if the Facebook DP viewer can’t find their profile, they have likely deactivated their account.

Moreover, your messages won’t get delivered if someone has blocked you. Only a single tick will appear next to the shared message.


Their profile will still be visible when someone blocks you on Messenger. However, if they block you on Facebook, that’s when their profile will disappear.

They Removed Their Profile Picture

With Messenger, it’s possible to remove your profile picture such that others will notice your profile has disappeared. You can replace the profile picture or remove the existing one without replacing it.

So, if someone decides to remove their profile picture, you will find it has disappeared when you view their profile on Messenger. To verify that someone has a blank profile:

  1. Open their profile on your Messenger app. Profile On Messenger App
  2. When it opens, tap on their profile picture. Tap On Their Profile Picture

If it shows blank, it means their account is active, they have not blocked you, but they have removed their profile picture from Messenger.


When you notice someone’s Messenger profile picture has disappeared, there are three explanations for why this is so.

First, it could be that they have deactivated their Facebook account. Second, the person has blocked you. Lastly, the person has removed their profile picture to leave it blank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does someone’s picture disappear on Messenger?

It could be the person has blocked you, deactivated their account, or removed the profile picture to leave it blank.

Can I see someone’s profile if they block me on Messenger?

Yes, you can. Blocking someone on Messenger doesn’t hide your profile from them. However, if they block you on Facebook, you can’t view their profile picture.

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