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What Does It Mean When TikTok Says You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently?

What Does It Mean When Tiktok Says You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently

Many TikTok users have recently complained of logging in and signing up issues. They claim to see alerts such as “You are visiting our service too frequently” as they try to sign up or log in to their TikTok.

So, what does the alert mean? Why the login or sign-up issues?

Quick Answer

When you create and sign up for multiple TikTok accounts, TikTok may block your IP address. Once TikTok blocks your IP address, you may receive a “You are visiting our service too frequently” alert. You may also see this alert if you log in or log out multiple times within a short period. Also, you may get the error message if you seem suspicious or use a bot or emulator to sign up or log in to TikTok. 

Do you seek to understand why you got the error alert from TikTok? Stick to the article. I will comprehensively cover the error message and how to fix it.

You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently on TikTok

TikTok often sends such error messages to TikTok users as a security measure. The “You are visiting our service too frequently” alert is an anti-spam measure TikTok sends to its users.

It doesn’t let TikTok users get past the login or sign-up phase by blocking their IP address. Therefore, you might be seeing the error if you did any of the following. 

Too Many Logins and Logouts Within a Short period 

TikTok has many protocols designed to spot any spammy or fraudulent users. So, lots of logins and logouts may trigger TikTok’s anti-spam system.

For example, TikTok will note an unusual activity if you log in and out of your TikTok account more than 20 times within 10 minutes. You’ll get the error message. 

You Have Lots of TikTok Accounts  

TikTok allows users to register up to three TikTok accounts. You can also operate up to three TikTok accounts on the same device or IP address.

Therefore, signing up and running four or more TikToks on one device will put your device on TikTok’s spam radar. TikTok will block your device and display the error message on your screen. 

Logging Into Your Account via an Emulator

You can only use the TikTok mobile app on an Android or iOS device. You’ll need an emulator if you desire to use the mobile app on your PC. 

But you risk getting the error alert if you log into your account or create an account via an emulator. TikTok will assume you’re accessing your account through a third-party app, therefore, blocking you. 

How To Fix the You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently Error on TikTok?

There are different solutions to fix it.

Method #1: Modify Your IP Address

You received the error message probably because TikTok blocked your IP address. Therefore, changing it will allow you to log in or sign up for a new TikTok.

There are various ways to change your device’s IP address.

Use a VPN 

A reliable Virtual Private Network will mask your IP address as you browse online or on any social media platform. It covers your device’s identity (IP address). 

The VPN will alter your IP address to a remote IP address. The remote IP address will prevent TikTok from identifying you. 

Unplug your router or change your network.

A change in your network will change your device’s identity. You can change your network by switching your router on and off.

You can also swap from one local data to WiFi or vice versa. It will change your IP address.  

Use a Proxy Server

Proxy servers work the same way as VPNs. They can mask your IP address. Therefore, stoppingTikTok from identifying you.

Method #2: Restart TikTok 

Installing and reinstalling TikTok often solves any error issues you may experience while logging into or browsing on TikTok. 

Method #3: Use the Web 

Instead of accessing TikTok via an emulator, try using the browser. After browsing your TikTok account via the web, remember to log out. You can also create a new TikTok via the web. 

Method #4: Report to TikTok  

If you believe the error message is unjust, you can report the problem to TikTok. Report it as follows:

  • Take screenshots of the error message. 
  • Go to the login page and tap the question mark symbol on the top right corner. 
  • Select “Other.”
  • Craft an explanation detailing your problem. 
  • Attach the screenshots
  • Submit your appeal. 

Wrapping Up 

Error messages are frequent occurrences on TikTok. The errors often act as security measures. Therefore, unusual activities may put you on TikTok’s spam radar.

You may end up getting error messages when accessing your TikTok. Any time you see a “Visiting our service too frequently” error, use the methods above to solve the issues. If the error persists, talk to the TikTok support team.   


How can you avoid the “You are visiting our service too frequently” error?

The error message occurs because of unusual activities on your account. Therefore avoid out-of-the-ordinary logins or logouts. Don’t operate over three accounts on the same phone, tablet, or PC. Also, don’t use BlueStack or any emulator to access your account.  

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