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How To Write a Relationship Status in Instagram Bio

How To Write Relationship Status In Instagram Bio

Love is a beautiful thing, and when at its peak, you may wish to share it with the world by posting it on Instagram.

The good news is that you can share your relationship status on your Instagram bio. Sharing your relationship status is a good way of acknowledging your partner and setting the record straight for your Instagram audience.

Quick Answer

There are various ways to include your relationship status on your Instagram bio. You can start by adding a clickable link to your partner’s profile. Also, you can use various emojis to represent your status or add a descriptive caption or hashtag that gives viewers a hint of your relationship status. Whichever method you choose entirely depends on you.

There are various ways to write your relationship status on your Instagram bio, and this guide will cover the common and unique ones you can use. We will discuss each in detail and address how you can go about it, ensuring you get comfortable adding your relationship status on your Instagram bio. Check it out!

Should I Add My Relationship Status to My Instagram Bio?

That depends on you.

To some people, it’s a way of letting the world know your current status and, if single, to give potential suitors room to shoot their shot. Again, it can be your way of expressing your love and affection to your partner by mentioning them on your Instagram bio.

Being a celebrity can be a way of letting your fans know your current situation and what to expect.

Therefore, the decision is individual whether you should add your relationship status or not. Besides, if you have a partner, it’s good to involve them to ensure they are okay with you adding your relationship status to your Instagram bio.

Ways To Add Relationship Status in Instagram Bio

You probably have the perfect caption you yearn to add to your Instagram bio about your relationship status, yes?

The good news is that you control how you want your Instagram profile to be, including what to add or remove from your Instagram bio.

That said, we will cover various ways you can use to write your relationship status on your Instagram bio.

Tip #1: Add a Caption to Your Bio

Add A Caption To Your Bio

Your creativity comes into play when adding your relationship status. There are different words, such as single, engaged, searching, I am in love, etc. Here, the trick involves crafting the best words that stand out for your relationship status. Once you have them, navigate to your Instagram profile and add the words under the bio.

Any information added to your bio is visible to anyone who views your Instagram profile.

Note that you are limited to 150 words. Once you reach the limit, you can’t add any more information. Therefore, keep it specific and brief. You can even write the relationship status as a hashtag.

Tip #2: Mention Your Partner

Mention Your Partner

Do you know you can tag someone on your Instagram bio?

You can spice the words about your relationship status by mentioning your partner. However, here you wish to mention their Instagram username, and you should include the @ before their name.

For instance, you could have something like, “#Feeling Loved @mike12.”

In such an example, you’ve expressed that you are in love with an Instagram user named “mike12”. When someone views your profile, they can click on your partner’s username, which will direct them to their Instagram profile.

Before deciding which caption to use on your Instagram bio, it’s good to agree with your partner. Some people prefer not to mention their Instagram usernames and use their real names instead.

Tip #3: Use Their Picture as Your Profile Icon

Use Their Picture As Your Profile Icon

You can get creative, and instead of settling only to mention your relationship status on your bio, you also add your partner’s photo as your Instagram profile picture.

That way, you will be more descriptive, and anyone viewing your Instagram profile won’t have difficulty knowing your relationship status.


One way of keeping your Instagram audience updated about your love/relationship status is by adding the information on your bio.

Most Instagram users have a habit of checking people’s profiles, and if you need to clarify your relationship status, your Instagram bio is the ideal place to do so.

This guide covered the various ways you can write your relationship status on Instagram. Go with the method that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I add my partner to my Instagram bio?

It depends on whether your partner is comfortable with it or not. If they are okay with you mentioning your relationship status with them or their name on your profile bio, then that’s okay. However, some people enjoy a low profile and would be against it. So, ensure you discuss the issue with your partner before mentioning them on your Instagram bio.

Is it possible to include my relationship status on Instagram?

Yes, it’s possible, and there are various ways to do so. For one, you can add a direct caption stating your relationship status. Also, you can use emojis, such as love/heart emoji, to indicate you are in love or a ring to show you are engaged. Moreover, you can mention your partner and add their Instagram username for people to view your partner’s profile.

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