How To Win Tanks iMessage Game?

How To Win Tanks Imessage Game

Introduced in 2016, Gamepigeon is one of the most popular tiny games for the iMessage platform.

It is famous because it has various classic games you can play with your family, friends, and acquaintances to make your interactions more fun.

Tanks is one of the 24 games available on Gamepigeon.

If you love playing Tanks with your friends but have never had your winning moment, we can help you win.

Quick Answer

Winning in Tanks requires you to set the angle and power of your bomb strategically to hit it successfully onto your opponent’s tank, which lies across a tower/castle. The most defining element here is the direction and magnitude of the wind, which can impact your aim. So, set your angle and power by taking the wind into account.

There is no right formula to win it. So, you can churn your winning strategy by practicing the game as much as possible. We recommend keeping one element constant while adjusting the other only as per the wind situation.

This article is all about Tanks on iMessage. We will explain how to play it and how to win it, potentially. Let’s dive in!

How To Play Tanks on iMessage?

Gamepigeon is one of the best apps for iMessage games. There are 24 games available in the app that users can play with their friends, but the most popular among them has to be Tanks.

The prerequisite for playing Tanks is that you and your opponent must have an iPhone or iPad because it is an iMessage game; available on iPhone or iPad.

So, when they say, “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone,” they mean it for such particular situations.

Another important thing is that the iMessage feature must be on both of your devices. Check your device settings for that.

Now, to play Tanks, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Messages” app on your iOS device.Open The Messaging App On Your Ios Device.
  2. Open the conversation you want to play this game on iMessage.Open The Conversation To Play The Game With.
  3. Tap on the App Store icon above your keyboard.Tap On The&Nbsp;Apple Store Icon&Nbsp;In The Navigation Drawer At The Bottom.
  4. Search for “GamePigeon.”Search For&Nbsp;Gamepigeon.
  5. The GamePigeon will be the one with the green pigeon; tap on the “GET” button next to it to download it.Tap On The&Nbsp;Get&Nbsp;Button Next To Gamepigeon
  6. After downloading, go back to the conversation and select the Gamepigeon icon above your keyboard.Select The Gamepigeon Icon Above The Chat
  7. From the list of games, select “Tanks.”From The List Of Games, Select Tanks.
  8. The person you want to play with will receive an invitation. Once they accept it, you can play and destroy each other’s tanks.The Person You Want To Play With Will Receive An Invitation

You cannot proceed with the game until the other person accepts your invitation.

How To Win Tanks on iMessage

The game looks simple; you must destroy your opponent’s tanks before they do yours. Each of you got three lifelines

You can claim your victory by destroying your opponent’s tank before they do.

As simple as it sounds, the game is not easy to play. If you check out YouTube, you will see people (Sheldon Cooper in their own right) deploying physics concepts to formulate the winning equation.

Winning Tanks requires the right tactics, as you have to fire your bomb strategically by aiming at a certain angle with the right power, considering the wind’s situation.

Here are some guidelines:

  • You must set the angle and the power level to ensure your bomb hits your opponent.
  • Between you and your opponent’s tanks lies a big castle. So you must set the angle and power by considering the castle.
  • Once you set the desired angle and power, tap the “Fire” button to drop your bomb into your opponent’s tank
  • Wind direction and magnitude are other variables that affect your aim.

Some Tricks That Can Help You

Let me share the little tricks I have formulated after my extensive defeat (shameful ones) playing the game with my friends.

Try these out, as you might get lucky and break your loss streaks eventually (perhaps).


Please bear in mind I am a self-proclaimed expert here. These things work for me. They do not necessarily have to work for you. You can at least give it a try.

Tip #1: Practice, Practice, Practice

You can never excel in Tanks until you practice (unless you know some secret quantum physics formula).

As they say, “Practice makes you perfect,” so practice. Have lots of defeats to find your winning strategy.

Tip #2: Care For One or Two Factors Only

Tbh, I do not manipulate power as such. I tweak my angles.

I generally set the power to a level that can prevent me from hitting the castle.

59 power level is okay for me as it prevents my bomb from hitting the tower. Anything less than that can hit the tower. 

The angle is the most critical factor for me. So, I play with my angles.

The next important variable for me is the direction and magnitude of the wind.

Generally, I hit my opponent when the wind blows in the opposite direction. I keep my angle at around 69 degrees when the wind is away from me and has a low magnitude (1 or 2 arrows).

If the wind is strong (7 arrows or more) and in opposite directions, I move my angle more than 70 degrees.

Then, I say the name of Lords of Tanks and hit the “Fire” button, and I kid you not, every time it hits my opponent’s tank.

This mind-churned formula always reaps desired results for me.

The Takeaway

The takeaway is that there is no scientific formula for winning Tanks on iMessage.

You can play and practice and then can be able to devise your strategy.

I shared the simple strategy that my mind stirred over the years.

Try it out! Do let us know if it works for you as well.

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