How To Track a Scammer on WhatsApp

How To Track A Scammer On Whatsapp

With over two billion users, WhatsApp has become an easy target for scammers. WhatsApp is a messaging platform; anyone with your phone number linked to your WhatsApp account can message you.

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to WhatsApp scams, and you can easily get scammed unless you know how scammers operate and how to identify scammers. This post will guide you on how to track scammers on WhatsApp.

Quick Answer

How to track a scammer on WhatsApp begins by understanding the various scamming types and tactics. The main scamming types are voicemail hacking, WhatsApp hijacking, impersonation, and malicious links. Again, you should analyze a text shared by a new number. What keywords are they using? Is it a forwarded message?

We will understand why WhatsApp is mainly targeted by scammers and the different types of WhatsApp scamming tactics they use. Still, we will discuss how to track scamming WhatsApp messages and how to block and report the scammer.

How To Track a Scammer on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has billions of users, meaning almost every smartphone user is logged in on WhatsApp. Scammers know this, which is why they target WhatsApp users with various scamming tricks hoping they will fall to the bait.

To track a scammer on WhatsApp, you must first understand the different WhatsApp scams you can encounter.

Voicemail Hacking

Here, the scammer creates a WhatsApp account using someone’s phone number and chooses to receive the verification code by phone. Next, the scammer will call your phone number so that your phone will go to voicemail when WhatsApp calls you.

They can then access your voicemail box and get the shared verification code. With that, they manage to gain control over your WhatsApp account.

Malicious Links

Most scammers use messages containing external malicious links aimed at stealing your credentials.

Such messages are mainly promotional and adverts where the scammer adds a link and advocates that you should click the link to win a voucher.


When someone has your phone number and profile picture, they can impersonate you by creating a WhatsApp profile that matches yours.

Once they do, they can message people that know you and claim they are in an emergency or require other financial assistance. They scam others in your name and vanish once the agenda is achieved.

WhatsApp Hijacking

Some scammers hijack WhatsApp accounts by registering them using your phone number and tricking the victim into sending them the verification code.

Once they get the verification code, they will have complete control over your WhatsApp, as you can’t have two WhatsApp sharing the same phone number.

Signs of a WhatsApp Scam

We’ve discussed the types of WhatsApp scams. So, how can you know that someone is trying to scam you on WhatsApp?

Suspicious Activities From a New Number

When a new number messages you, be keen on their motives. Many scammers impersonate people and message their friends with new numbers. Avoid new numbers that claim they are your friends and want financial assistance or are promoting offers.

When a suspicious new number messages you, hit the “Block” and “Report” buttons.

Report The Number Whatsapp

Forwarded Messages

Suppose someone shares a forwarded message, be keen before you click any internal links in the message. Most forwarded messages, especially promotional ones, are scams trying to steal your personal information.

Login Requests

WhatsApp can never message or call you to ask for the verification code sent to you. So, if someone messages you that their verification message was wrongly sent to your number, block, and report that person.

They are likely trying to hijack your WhatsApp. Remember, don’t share your verification code with anyone.

Specific Keywords

Most scamming messages use keywords such as voucher, win, forward, congratulations, link, activate, etc. Besides, many will contain spelling and grammatical errors. Don’t forward or click any link inside when you receive such messages.

How To Respond to a Scammer on WhatsApp

When you notice someone is trying to scam you, especially in a case of impersonation, contact your legit friend using their phone number. Contact them via phone and ask them whether they have messaged you. If they don’t remember messaging you, inform them that someone has impersonated them and is trying to scam you.

Also, ensure you set a robust pin code for your voicemail service to avoid people hijacking it. Still, if you are unsure whether someone is texting you genuinely, ask them questions that only your friend could know the answer to and see how they respond. Still, call them to hear their voice. Lastly, enable two-step verification on WhatsApp.

Enable Two-Step Verification On Whatsapp.


WhatsApp scamming is very popular, and many people fall victim to it. This post has explained everything about WhatsApp scams and how to track a scammer. Hopefully, you won’t get scammed on WhatsApp, thanks to the tips covered in this post.

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