How To Change My Voice on WhatsApp Call

How To Change My Voice On Whatsapp Call

WhatsApp Call is an excellent option to make calls without using your phone’s call minutes. This app allows you to make VoIP calls over an internet connection, meaning you won’t use up your call limit minutes.

Plus, WhatsApp Call is free to use! And it offers room for fun, too. If you’re talking with your friends on WhatsApp call, wouldn’t you like to prank them by changing your voice? Well, if you would, there’s something you can do about it.

Quick Answer

All you require to do to change your voice on WhatsApp is download a voice-changing app such as MagicMic or FunCalls. These third-party apps alter the frequency of your voice to make it sound whatever you want. Besides, you can also prefer physical tactics like putting a cloth over the mic and changing your voice manually.

This article will detail how you can change your voice on WhatsApp calls.

What Are WhatsApp Calls?

WhatsApp calls are a voice-calling feature within the WhatsApp messaging app that allows users to call friends and family members wherever they are. The app uses the internet to make calls, so there are no additional charges, and it works on smartphones and computers.

Users can also video call each other using WhatsApp calls. WhatsApp calls are encrypted, meaning that they are secure and private.

Additionally, the app offers end-to-end encryption, meaning only the sender and recipient can view the messages. WhatsApp is owned by Meta, one of the most sought-out messaging apps in the world, with over 1.3 billion active users.

How To Make WhatsApp Calls

Making a WhatsApp call is easy, whether you’re calling someone in your contact list or someone who isn’t. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Launch WhatsApp and tap on the “Chats” tab.
  2. Tap on the “New Chat” button.
  3. Type in the name or phone number you wish to call. If they’re in your contact list, their name will appear below the text field.
  4. Tap on their name or number to start a chat with them.
  5. Press the “Voice Call” or “Video Call” button at the top of the screen.
Calling and Ringing

If it says Calling, the recipient isn’t receiving the call notification. However, if you notice Ringing, it probably means they’re receiving the call notification.

When Do You Need To Change Your Voice on WhatsApp Call

There are some circumstances where you might want to change your voice. For instance, if you are in a noisy surrounding, you can switch to a higher pitch so your voice can be heard more easily. Or, if you are trying to imitate someone else, you can use a different voice.

There are also some fun voices that you can use to make your friends laugh. Overall, changing your voice on WhatsApp calls is an excellent way to add some personality to your conversations.

How To Change Your Voice on WhatsApp Call

There are various voice-changing third-party applications that you can leverage to prank your friends through WhatsApp calls.


Steps to make a prank call via MagicCall:

  1. Look out for websites that provide this application’s setup and download from a safe one.
  2. Install the application on your Android phone.
  3. Give the required permission, such as storage, mic, and contacts.
  4. Select a contact, or type in the number on the app to place a call.
  5. Browse through the voice-changing options and have your pick.
  6. Click “Dial.”

Prank Dial

Steps to make a prank call via Prank Dial:

  1. Download and install the app from credible sources.
  2. Allow required permissions such as calls, storage, and contact.
  3. Browse through the prank scenes and make a choice.
  4. Dial the friend you wish to call in the new voice.


Steps to make a prank call via Funcalls:

  1. Install the app from your App Store.
  2. Launch the app and give the due permissions.
  3. On the bottom of the app’s main screen, click on the “Dial” option.
  4. Enter your friend’s contact to make a call.
  5. Before placing the call, have your pick from the list of voice filter options.

And voila! You’ve successfully made your call with voice-changing apps. Note that WhatsApp does not provide any in-app feature to let you change your voice, so it’s best to use third-party apps to make such calls.

Other Methods To Change Your Voice

There are other, less complicated ways to change your voice that you can do manually. First of all, before making a call, cover the mic of your phone with a thick cloth. Second, try speaking in a different pitch and style than you usually do. If it doesn’t come naturally, you can try imitating from videos. This method does not involve giving risky permission to third-party apps that always fish for your information.


That’s all there is to it! Now, your voice will sound different when you make a WhatsApp call. Keep experimenting with the settings until you find the perfect voice for you. Have fun, and enjoy chatting with your friends and family on WhatsApp calls! Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it helpful!

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