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How To View Deleted Comments on Reddit

How To View Deleted Comments On Reddit

Reddit is a dominant online conversation community that generates over a million monthly clicks and views. Reddit encompasses a lot of content on restricted and unfiltered matters. The greatest thing regarding Reddit is that anyone may use it discreetly without disclosing their identity.

Reddit offers an ocean of information. You can find information regarding just about anything. This is why if any post gets deleted, it is a frustrating matter for the user, and they want to retrieve it.

Members or subreddit administrators may delete a comment once it has been published. It could be for a variety of different reasons. Most people do not know how to retrieve deleted content on Reddit. This article provides a comprehensive guide on using various methods to view deleted Reddit comments.

Methods To View Deleted Comments

We will show you five different methods to view the deleted comments on Reddit.

Method #1: View Reddit’s Deleted Comments Using Google Cache

A straightforward method that can allow you to view deleted content is using the Google cache. It works well for recently deleted content. So if you know this hack, you can instantly retrieve the information you want soon after its deletion.

  1. Go to and search the required Reddit post.
  2. On the search result page, click three vertical dots beside the search result.Three Dots
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, select the option Cached. Google will then redirect you to the cached version of the Reddit post.Cached

This method is straightforward, without the involvement of any bots or suspicious third parties.

Method #2: View Reddit’s Deleted Comments Using Reveddit

Reveddit is also one of the recommended platforms to view deleted comments on Reddit. The functionality of the Reveddit is effortless and straightforward. It is a brilliant website and offers a rapid solution towards our desired task.

Follow the steps listed below to view deleted comments through Reveddit.

  1. Open Reddit and find the post on which comments were deleted and copy the URL of the Post. You can also copy the Reddit user’s profile link whose content you want to retrieve. For example, “”
  2. Paste the URL on the Reveddit website and press Enter or click Go. Past Link And Click Go
Good To Know

The Reveddit website can also notify the users if their content is removed from Reddit due to any reason.

Method #3: View Reddit’s Deleted Comments Using Resavr

Resavr is a powerful approach to view deleted comments on Reddit. But, one thing needs attention: they only retrieve comments with more than 65 characters. As per their thoughts, the comments having a character count of more than 65 will indeed have valuable content to retrieve. It helps eliminate wastage of memory in clouds due to the elimination of short text comments.

To view deleted comments, you have to visit their webpage. They update the webpage continuously and add the deleted comments to the system. The search box has been given in the top right corner so you can search the related posts and view their deleted comments.

Method #4: View Reddit’s Deleted Comments Using Un-Delete Reddit Comments Extension

Un-Delete Reddit comment is a Google Chrome extension that helps you save the cache of Reddit’s posts on your browser, and you can easily view saved comments and posts anytime. It generally utilizes the IndexdDB of Google to store cache in your browser.

The tool is not recommended if you want to retrieve every deleted comment on Reddit, but by using it, you can easily view and save your favorite posts and their comments at any time.

  1. Add the Un-Delete extension to Chrome.
  2. Open the website of Reddit and log in with your private credentials.
  3. Explore your favorite Reddit post and click on the icon of the Un-Delete extension displayed on a toolbar.Un-Delete Icon
  4. A new pop-up window will appear with a blue button named Cache, click the button and your desired post will be cached.Blue Button Named Cache
Good To Know

If any user on the Reddit website has deleted the comment or post, but you have saved the cache of that post, then you can still see the post and its comments easily using the Un-Delete extension.

Method #5: View Reddit’s Deleted Comments Using Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a powerful website that stores data of many sites. It helps to retrieve old trends, valuable comments, and posts easily. Their servers possess a vast amount of Reddit’s posts and comments stored. To view the content of Reddit, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Open a Wayback Machine dashboard.
  2. Paste the URL of the desired post in the search bar and click Browse History.Paste Url And Click Browse History

There are high chances that you will get the cache file of your desired Posts and comments.


For now, we have discussed multiple techniques for viewing deleted comments on Reddit. With the help of this article, you no longer have to worry about the comments and posts getting deleted by administrators and members.

You can read valuable information anytime you want. It does not matter whether the comment or post has been deleted or not.

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