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How To Report an Inactive Instagram Account?

How To Report Inactive Instagram Account

Reporting an inactive account on Instagram can help the authorities take action against the profile. Currently, there are millions of Instagram users, and each of them makes use of the service at least daily, although not all of the registered accounts are used continuously.

Many people who sign in or create a new Instagram account just leave it after some time. This adds an extra burden and difficulty for the users, making the deletion of a dormant account important.

Quick Answer

The process of reporting an inactive Instagram account is simple. Using the app or website, you can report the profile from the “Report” section available in the three dots located at the corner of the profile. When you do so, Instagram will focus on the profile and determine whether it is active or not. 

Want to report an inactive Instagram account but do not know how to do it? Don’t worry because we have brought this informational blog for you where you will get answers to your questions about reporting an inactive Instagram account.

How To Report an Inactive Instagram Account?

You can report an Instagram account from the Instagram website and application without facing any difficulty. But you must know that even if you do not report an inactive account, Instagram keeps an eye on such accounts and takes strict action against them. 

Still, if you want to report the account that you feel is inactive, here are the steps you can follow.

Step #1: Open Your Instagram

Open Instagram Application

Open your Instagram application or visit the website from your browser and log in. 

Step #2: Open User Profile

Open User Profile

Go to the user profile you want to report. You can only report once you open the profile. 

Step #3: Find Three Dots To Open Menu

Three Dots To Open Menu

Find the three dots on the profile page. They are located on the top right of the screen. Click on the three dots to open a menu. It’s the main menu from where all of the options appear.

Step #4: Search Report

Report From Menu

Search for “Report” in the menu and click on it. This is the option from where you will report the profile. Next, select “Report account.”

Step #5: Choose a Reason

Choose A Reason To Report

Choose an appropriate reason for reporting the account and follow the on-screen instructions. Now you are all set as the inactive account is reported.


Instagram does not allow any inactive account to stay longer on the application. It immediately takes action against an account that does not post anything or react to posts for six months. 

Does Instagram Allow Reporting an Account Anytime?

Instagram makes everything easy for its users. Just like that, it allows reporting a profile if it is inactive. Some other causes make you eligible for reporting an Instagram account, including:

  • Wrong information
  • Scam or spam
  • Self-harm
  • Violations of intellectual property
  • Advertising and selling of fake or illegal products
  • Harassment
  • Violence
  • Hate speech

Instagram keeps the privacy of the person who reports against a profile. You can report anyone you want without the fear of getting unveiled. Instagram also accepts reports against accounts being used by under 18 kids. You must know that you can even report a single feed or post of a person you consider inappropriate. 

Instagram Action Against a Reported Account

Instagram checks thoroughly for the content of the profile you report. You will have to wait a few days for it. You can check out the status of your report on the Instagram website. After checking the profile, Instagram decides whether the profile needs to be removed or not. If Instagram does not remove the profile, it still takes action to keep you satisfied. 

You will no longer see similar content or profiles that you reported. It’s because Instagram cares for its users and wants to keep them happy and satisfied. 

One surprising thing is that you can report an Instagram website or profile even if you are not an Instagram user. You can fill out a form on Instagram to report a post or profile if you do not have an Instagram account.


Reporting an Instagram account is possible if you follow a few simple steps. You can directly use the options from the inactive profile page to report it.


Is it possible to get an inactive Instagram username?

Yes, it is possible, but you must request Instagram to give you your inactive username through email to get it back. However, you might have to pay for the claim and username in some cases. 

Can I get back my inactive account after a year?

No, unfortunately not. If you want to get your Instagram account back, you must contact them within six months, or you will not be able to get it back after that.

Will Instagram delete my Inactive account?

Yes, Instagram does delete inactive accounts if they continue to show inactivity for more than six months. 

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