How To Use WhatsApp in Dubai

How To Use Whatsapp In Dubai

WhatsApp offers different features to facilitate communication, including chats and calls.

While most WhatsApp users enjoy using WhatsApp for calling their friends and family, people in Dubai and the entire UAE have a different story.

In Dubai, you can’t use WhatsApp to call, but it can send messages.

So, if you are in Dubai and want to bypass the restriction of not making calls, we will give you tips you should use.

Quick Answer

The Dubai government has banned using WhatsApp for calls. However, that only applies if your device’s IP reads that you are in Dubai. Hence, if you use a VPN to change your IP address to read that you are in a different location outside of the UAE, you can use WhatsApp and all its features with no restrictions.

We will discuss why using WhatsApp is trouble for people in Dubai. Next, we will present a way of bypassing the limitation on WhatsApp calling while in Dubai to ensure you manage to communicate. Read on!

Can I Use WhatsApp in Dubai?

Dubai falls under the UAE. While in Dubai, there are various government restrictions imposed on social media accounts like WhatsApp. One such restriction is against using VoIP for calling.

For instance, you can’t use WhatsApp to make an audio or video call to your family and friends.

However, you can use WhatsApp for messaging. The UAE passed a rule against using VoIP to ensure everyone uses government telecommunication services for communication.

Dubai’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority ensures that the only telecom providers, which are only two, ban the use of WhatsApp for calling.

So, whenever users try to make a WhatsApp call, they get an error displaying that the site is blocked in their region.

How To Use WhatsApp in Dubai

We understand how frustrating being unable to access all the WhatsApp features while in Dubai can be. Besides, it could be you visited Dubai, are not a resident, and want to call your family.

Whatever your case for wanting to use WhatsApp for calling while in Dubai, we have a solution to help you bypass this error.

Your best chance of using WhatsApp in Dubai is by using a VPN.

A VPN is a service that lets users mask their real location, such that you can bypass restrictions against receiving traffic in a given region.

With a VPN, your device will read that it’s connected to a server in another location outside Dubai.

That way, masking your traffic will ensure that you can use WhatsApp in Dubai without disclosing that you are in Dubai.

So, you will get an IP that connects to a different server, and the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority won’t filter and block your traffic.

Here’s how to use a VPN when using WhatsApp in Dubai.

  1. Start by finding a reliable VPN provider.
  2. Subscribe to the VPN service.
  3. Download, install and log in to your VPN account.
  4. Open the VPN application and select the server you want to connect to.
  5. Once the VPN connects, your device will route traffic to that server.
  6. Open your WhatsApp application.
  7. Click on “Calls” and start your video or audio call.

That’s it. You can now comfortably make your WhatsApp call without restriction, thanks to using a VPN to route all your traffic.

Once you are done making the call, you can turn off the VPN or continue using it for all your activities to mask your location.

The success of this trick relies on the VPN you use to make your location. There are different VPN providers in the market. So, research the best VPN and decide which to use based on its features. A reliable VPN should offer security and reliability and be affordable.


When in Dubai, using WhatsApp is restricted, especially for making calls.

The Dubai Telecommunication Regulatory Authority blocks using WhatsApp to make calls and only allows it for calls.

So, if you must make a WhatsApp call while in Dubai, your best option is to use a VPN to mask your location.

We’ve seen all the steps you should follow in this guide.

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