What Does “TBH” Mean in Discord?

What Does &Quot;Tbh&Quot; Mean On Discord

Who isn’t familiar with internet slang and acronyms? No matter how eloquently you speak a language and how sophisticated you may sound in real life, all this does not work on the internet as it has its own language.

The words generated from the internet, particularly social media, penetrate our daily lives and even dictionaries.

Speaking of internet acronyms, the one we are interested today goes like “TBH’ or “tbh.” If you want to know what this stands for and the context where you can use it on any social media, particularly Discord, then we can help you.

So, what does “tbh” mean in Discord?

Quick Answer

“TBH” is an acronym for “to be honest.” It is used to add more authenticity and frankness to one’s opinion or thoughts. People use it to share honest feelings, unfiltered opinions, or strong stances on something. Alternatively, you can use it to lessen the blow of the insulting remarks you are trying to make to someone or to compliment someone. Additionally, it can also stand for “to be heard.”

Discord can get scary if you are not accustomed to the commonly used phrases or words. Let’s explore the meaning of “tbh” and the contexts where you can use it on Discord or any social media or chatting platform.

“TBH” Meaning on Discord

Discord is the chatting platform that gamers raved about a lot. Even, somehow the platform caught the eyes of non-gamers due to its various functionalities that make it stand out among other competitors with flying colors.

If you are a newbie on Discord and the language scares you, or you even wonder whether these people are actually speaking English, then welcome to the club.

Even I find the internet language scary, particularly the one teenagers use. Girls have a whole different level of vocabulary on Instagram — let’s not go there.

If you are an avid reader of ours, you must know how we love to discuss commonly used internet slang and acronym to prevent you from getting ashamed in the social media realm.

So, in the extension of this series, the word we are discussing is an abbreviation of something, and it goes like “tbh” or “TBH.”

So, what does “tbh” mean?

It stands for “to be honest.” 

This acronym has the same intention in Discord, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

Did You Know?

“TBH” first made its way into the Urban Dictionary in 2003 and became very popular after 2010.

Different Situations Where “TBH” Is Used

“Tbh” can be used in multiple situations. The essence is that it shows a person’s true feelings, opinions, or stance on something.

For example, if you are sharing your honest feelings or opinion on something, you can add stress to the authenticity of your statement by using tbh like this:

  • “Tbh, I think you rock in this outfit.”
  • “Tbh, I can’t stand his voice.”
  • “Tbh, I am a big fan of the Lakers game.”

Tbh adds more frankness to the overall sentence.

Sometimes people use it to compliment others:

  • “Tbh, you have an angel’s voice.”
  • “Tbh, your gaming skills are impeccable.”

Alternatively, this term can also be used in negative situations to share insulting or derogatory comments in a way that seems less offensive or hurtful:

  • “Tbh, I liked your hair better before.”
  • “Tbh, you do not have what it takes to win this game.”

The term is used at the beginning or the end of a sentence.

Alternatively, tbh can also less commonly mean “to be heard.”

Did You Know?

On Instagram, a thread goes by “Like for a TBH.” People caption their posts with this statement to get likes from their friends. In return, they have to share what they think of them truthfully. 


In this article, we deciphered the meaning of the acronym “tbh,” which is commonly used by people at the beginning or the end of a sentence.

When people use this term, they express their honest opinion on something. Additionally, it can add frankness and further authenticity to your feelings.

Alternatively, people use it to lessen the blow of the insulting or condescending comments they try to make to others.

So, next time you see it on Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or elsewhere, do not get intimidated by it and refer to our article to understand its true connotation.

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