How To Dress for Zoom

How To Dress For Zoom

We’ve all had to adjust our daily work and everyday routines unexpectedly over the past few years, from staying home more often to dressing up for video meetings.

But with so many of us now attending meetings over Zoom or other video conferencing tools, it’s essential to have a strategy when getting dressed for these online gatherings. You don’t want to be left wearing an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants while everyone else is decked out in suits!

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One main takeaway is always dressing as if you were attending an in-person meeting. Even if it’s just your torso you’re showing on the screen, remember to dress professionally and avoid wearing business casual clothing like jeans and a t-shirt. Instead, opt for tailored pants, collared dress shirts, or even professional-looking sundresses and skirts.

So if you’re looking for insider tips on dressing for your next Zoom meeting without feeling overdressed, read our guide that will help ensure you look polished but still feel comfortable working from home.

Why Is It Important To Dress Well for Zoom Meet?

As the world has moved increasingly to a more remote work style, many of us now have video meetings over Zoom or other video streaming platforms.

Although it may seem trivial, professionally presenting yourself is critical when attending virtual meetings on Zoom. Wearing appropriate clothing for the conference is crucial as it conveys respect and shows off a professional image.

Dressing well can make others view you in a different light. It could even lead to an opportunity because how we look online helps define how someone perceives our capabilities – so dressing well ensures others can take your ideas and efforts seriously.

Overall, dressing for the event when attending video meetings saves you from embarrassment and helps you put forward your best foot professionally!

Dressing Tips for Zoom Meet for Women

Zoom calls provide an excellent opportunity for networking and connecting with colleagues, but it can take time to dress appropriately. As a woman, there are several points to consider when putting together the perfect Zoom look.

  • Prioritize comfort over style – if you feel comfortable in your outfit, you’ll become more confident on camera.
  • Aim for clothing that doesn’t distract from your face or draw attention away from what you are saying – avoid bold patterns or bright colors, which could make it hard for people to concentrate. Also, aim for neutrals or muted colors so your facial expressions can be visible and easily understood.
  • Ensure appropriate lighting complements your features and highlights any patterns or textures in your outfit of choice.
  • Select an outfit that fits the professional setting – even casual attire has standards on Zoom!

Dress for Zoom with careful consideration, and you’ll be sure to make a great impression in any online meeting.

Dressing Tips for Zoom Meet for Men

Zoom meetings present an excellent opportunity to showcase your professional style and attitude. As such, men should take extra care when dressing for Zoom calls.

  • Stick with collared shirts that are universally known as formal attire; patterns and colors should be subtle.
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum; too much bling can distract the viewers.
  • Pay special attention to bottom wear. Dress trousers covered by solid-colored jackets look sleek and stylish in any meeting room.
  • Avoid wearing hats or sunglasses indoors; these accessories are better reserved for outdoor events or recreational gatherings.
  • Ensure your hair is neat, whatever the style; messy bedhead looks don’t give off a professional image.

Dress for success in Zoom meetings by following these simple tips!


Do not make the mistake of taking the bottom-wear lightly during video conferencing. That is how you end up becoming meme material. You never know when you need to get up during the call, and just like that, you’d nullify all the impressions you’d built in the meeting.

Best Colors To Wear During Zoom Meet

Colors are crucial for video calls. Though you don’t have to put on your best suit, there are specific colors that should be prioritized when dressing for a Zoom call. Colors such as whites, pastels, and earth tones can look surprisingly good on Zoom due to their brightness and natural hue, making them appropriate shades for more formal conversations.

Additionally, you can use the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue if the right accessories are added to create a stylish outfit. The best bet is to use black or navy blue since they provide an aura of professionalism while avoiding any potential wardrobe faux pas.

Furthermore, try to avoid bold prints or complex patterns as well as flashy jewelry or overly bright makeup; not only could this make it distracting, but it could also affect the quality of your video! Consider these tips for what colors work best for your next important Zoom call before making your final outfit selection.

How To Adjust Lighting While Zoom Meet

Adjusting the lighting while Zoom meetings can make a big difference in how the call goes. To ensure a professional and illuminated appearance, try dressing for the occasion and having lights directly facing you.

Moreover, avoid sitting with your back to a window since natural light will create shadows on your face which can be distracting. You want to cast even light across your face, so try adding extra soft white background lighting if needed.

Position yourself in front of an off-white wall, as this will reflect ambient light onto your face in all directions. If the ambient light isn’t enough, consider setting up two adjustable lamps – one on either side of you or behind your laptop screen – and make sure to use daylight bulbs so that the lighting resembles daytime lighting conditions.

Now you are ready for that perfect Zoom call!

How To Join a Zoom Meet

To join a Zoom meeting:

  1. Start by downloading the app to your device and enabling all settings, such as audio, video, and microphone access.
  2. Log in and go to the invitation link sent to you or type in the room ID associated with the meeting you aim to attend into the Zoom app.
  3. Click “Join Meeting,” and voila!

You can now start connecting without ever leaving your house!


Dressing for a Zoom meeting is similar to an in-person meeting, with a few caveats. Wear a suit and tie (or dress shirt and slacks) if possible for men. If you don’t have access to a suit, try wearing dress pants and a blazer or sweater. Dress shoes are preferable to sneakers.

The same general rules apply to women, but feel free to add color or flair to your outfit. Skirts and dresses are always appropriate, but avoid anything too revealing or low-cut. Heels are optional but recommended.

Good luck with your upcoming Zoom meetings! We hope these tips help you look your best and make a great impression on potential clients or employers.

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