How To Disconnect Wallet From Discord

How To Disconnect Wallet From Discord

Discord is home to many NFT communities and gamers.

These communities enjoy different features and integrations Discord offers, such as linking their wallets. Most Discord activities get facilitated by Discord bots.

For instance, the Collab.Land bot handles verification of NFT communities and wallets. So, when connecting or disconnecting your wallet from Discord, you must use the Collab.Land bot.

Quick Answer

When you have a wallet connected to Discord, it’s possible to disconnect it using a bot like the Collab.Land. So, visit the bot’s website and log in to your Collab.Land portal. Locate the section for wallets and find the one you want to disconnect. Click on it, then tap the “Disconnect” button at the bottom. Confirm your action by clicking the “Disconnect” button again.

This guide begins by discussing how you can link a wallet to Discord. Afterward, we will see the steps for disconnecting the wallet from your Discord account using Collab.Land bot. Lastly, we will cover a few commonly asked questions.

Can You Link a Digital Wallet to Discord?

Yes, you can.

Discord supports many communities, including streamers, crypto, NFTs, gamers, etc. The many communities that connect via Discord server require a means of transacting funds. The good news is that Discord supports various integrations, including linking to digital wallets.

Moreover, Discord has many bots to facilitate different activities, including connecting to wallets. The Collab.Land Discord bot can be linked to your Discord server to facilitate verification of wallets for your community.

Here’s how to connect a wallet to Discord using Collab.Land:

  1. Create a Discord server and the roles you want the bot to manage.
  2. Add the Collab.Land bot to your server.
  3. Assign the bot the administrator role.
  4. Click the “Let’s go!” button and connect the bot to your target wallet account, such as CoolWallet.
  5. Follow your wallet’s instructions to link it to Discord via Collab.Land, including adding the wallet details.
  6. Once connected, you will get a message confirming the connection is established.

That’s it. You can now use your wallet on Discord for your transaction using its address.

How To Disconnect Wallet from Discord

When you’ve connected your wallet to Discord, you can disconnect it in the future. Disconnecting the wallet is done via the bot that you verified your wallet with. Collab.Land is the most reliable wallet verification bot.

  1. To disconnect your wallet from Discord, do the following.
  2. Open the Collab.Land website and login into your portal.
  3. Choose the wallet that you want to disconnect.
  4. Click the “Disconnect” button at the bottom.
  5. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click the “Disconnect” button.

It takes around 24 hours for your wallet to be disconnected from Discord. So, once you’ve completed the steps above, wait for confirmation within the specified time for your wallet to be entirely disconnected.


Discord has various bots that facilitate connecting digital wallets.

One such bot is Collab.Land, which verifies wallets for different communities.

To disconnect your wallet, open the bot’s website and access your portal. Click on the wallet that you want to disconnect and confirm your action. Your wallet will be disconnected within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you link a crypto wallet to Discord?

Yes, you can. Discord is a hub for different communities, including NFTs, Crypto, etc. Hence, it supports bots that facilitate linking Discord to different wallets, including crypto wallets. To link your wallet, search for instructions that link the wallet to a bot like Collab.Land, link the bot to your server, then use the bot to verify your wallet. Your wallet will be connected to your Discord after the verification.

How do I disconnect a wallet from Discord?

To disconnect the wallet, use the bot you used when linking the wallet. So, visit the bot’s website and access your portal. Select the wallet that you want to disconnect and click on it. Click the “disconnect” button at the bottom, then confirm the action by clicking the “disconnect” button again. It takes 24 hours for the disconnection to finalize.

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